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Righteousness and the Christian

Up Date: 12/13/2017 from 11/17/2016            Reading the book “Two Kinds of righteousness”; the most important message ever written to the church. The author; E. W. Kenyon.

1) As I look at what we have in Christ, the imputed righteousness much has become ours. We have a renewal in fellowship with the Most High, with Father God. We have been given access to the Holy of Holies in Christ. The father has given us more than we could know or ask with Grace at the Cross. In Christ now as in the garden we can walk with him in every facet of our life. This is beyond the expectation of most all I could hope in my discussions of the Lord and our salvation.

Each day we deal with circumstances that life delivers. As I have walked my own walk and been witness too that of others I cannot help but wonder; Is it that we do not exercise our gifted and blessed strength in Christ, the one and only Begotten Son of God the Father because we are just comfortable enough in what we do in our own strength that we do not feel the need to come to His strength? Has habit and familiarity with the restriction of shackles so trained our soul that we shut out the expression of our New Man in the Spirit which we have become when we are saved? It seems that only in tragedy do we feel the need to cry out for His strength and then we are in unfamiliar territory and find our self without sufficient faith. Yet, that strength is ours completely in the Christ.  

It is in the renewing of the mind that we find faith and the renewing of the mind is through the hearing of the spoken word of God. If we have not consumed it then it cannot develop our faith and we are weak and become fallen to the trials of life when we should be victorious. The first habit should be that of consuming and renewing ourselves with the very Life-giving Word of God and yet this is most likely the last of our efforts.  We strive in entertaining ourselves, finding pride in our strength; seeking our own path and embracing the praise of others as we lift ourselves we fail to seek our greatest strength. We even condemn and blame others in our shortfall.  If our habit and choice in life caused us to fall short and we do not consume the word then this is a tragedy we have the power to alter. We, by choice, can make Gods Word the focus as our most important duty.

If we are renewing ourselves in the word we find Paul in 2nd Cor. 12:9 saying this,
And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

And 2nd Cor. 12:10 continues:
Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in needs, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ’s sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

Paul has learned that it is better to be in Christ strength then his own and takes not pride in who he is but rather dies to himself that he may find the strength of Christ in him. This is where we need to be. If I have anything to ask of this it would be that I may so reject my own prideful strength that I die to self and completely rely on the Christ who has come that I have life ever lasting. He, Christ is the firstborn of a new covenant.  I would hope that You will ponder this, reading Corinthians and dwelling on who you have become in Christ. He did not repair the old you, He created you a new creature in Christ of which He was the first. The old nature is put away and the new reigns supreme in all who call on the name of Jesus. We, you and I have a credible and mighty renewal in Christ. We come before God as his child righteous and Blessed in every way. We are new creations, Sons of God, we are family and with that comes a new responsibility to earnestly unfold the word of God to others and share the light, the very essence of life.

Born on the Fourth


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The Responsibility of Self

I listened the last couple of days as people call in to talk shows like Breitbart and Hannity asking for advice on voting. One man did not want to vote one way and questioned whether a vote the oth…

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The Responsibility of Self


I listened the last couple of days as people call in to talk shows like Breitbart and Hannity asking for advice on voting. One man did not want to vote one way and questioned whether a vote the other way would also be a mistake. Another felt that the choice was not what he wanted and did not know what to do to straighten out where we are as a nation. One thought he may just sit out and not vote at all but he felt that may not be right either. Since I originally wrote this ten days ago people are more forensic then ever that the New President, from either party comes the claim, will be the cure all for this nations shortcomings.

There is a fallacy in this thinking process. There is no guarantee that an individual elected for office will turn the tide and reconstitute the nation…

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The Responsibility of Self

I listened the last couple of days as people call in to talk shows like Breitbart and Hannity asking for advice on voting. One man did not want to vote one way and questioned whether a vote the other way would also be a mistake. Another felt that the choice was not what he wanted and did not know what to do to straighten out where we are as a nation. One thought he may just sit out and not vote at all but he felt that may not be right either. Since I originally wrote this ten days ago people are more forensic then ever that the New President, from either party comes the claim, will be the cure all for this nations shortcomings.

There is a fallacy in this thinking process. There is no guarantee that an individual elected for office will turn the tide and reconstitute the nation or its ideals. You can only take the best possible choice and go from that point. Any President can be a disappointment or catalyst for greatness. That person can set an agenda and guide a policy. They can unite the divided in both action and thought and they, having a certain authority can cause dissension. They can be a catalyst for moral and ethical foundation and as well can disregard the same in failure of character. The entire body of government must work and for effective change the people themselves must engage and hold accountable all who serve in public capacity. This requires personal investment of time and effort.

No nation is any better then the people within or what they allow. We Americans have the freedom of choice to elect, to drive a certain ideal in representative government or to abstain from our own responsibility. This also is a character issue. Our nation started with a firm foundation of Moral Ethics. Even then we recognized the continued failure of men to adhere to these moral principles. Our fore fathers tried to both recognize and warn of this peril. They crafted the only document of its kind in the history of nations. They established the first time those governed had basic intrinsic values and immutable Liberties that were from their Creator God. In this they both recognized God and submitted to him knowing men had a defect of moral character failure. They knew that men with power would try to rule over their assumed subordinates. Thus the governed  would have to be ready to stand on the greater precepts of our Liberties which the Founders proceeded to cast in the form of our Constitution. This was done with great debate, care and study of mans history of governance. It came from long fought conviction and reliance on the Greater Law given in the Christian Bible. At one time the text book for learning was a Bible and the foundation of a mans character was his word and moral conviction in living. Denial of this by those with subversive intent will not change the fact.

When asked Ben Franklin stated that we had been given a “Republic” if we could keep it. That “If” was a harbinger if you will of our responsibility of self governance. It was our purpose to set an example of the growth of people in their understanding of what they had and its constant attention by moral and ethical people. It was intended to be of the attitude of servitude not lordship of government. We, having the ability to select individuals of good character and keep them close as resident States Delegates that they could best represent the needs of the local population. The Founders intentionally made no plans for a massive Federal Bureaucratic process to ride roughshod over the people. The thought was that men having reaped the benefit of this nation would desire to serve for a time in the capacity of government as a manner of giving back and building a better society. A fear of this was that men would also learn to vote in their best personal interest and use the system for power, self aggrandizement and the perpetuation of personal wealth. I fear the latter has gained a massive foothold in our nation. Not only has this fear been realized in this day but we now have a people who elect to vote themselves Free Service and Money from those who willingly corrupt government. One enables the other.

The idea that you can go vote, put in a man and then set back enjoying all of the benefit and have no more input for two or four years is absurdly naïve. At the worst it is calloused laziness and at best a willful ignorance. We need to be engaged in the affairs through communication. We need to demand that those elected be accountable. Accountable in both the formation of law and in the personal conduct of said law as well the proper servitude to the people who have entrusted them with responsible and honest governance. The failure of these in government and the appointed members of bureaucratic duties is a reflection of a failure of the people to live up to their responsibility.

We as a society and those representatives are so busy pointing blame and demanding a person or law to solve every ailment of our amoral and sick society that we fail to look first at self. We do not ask what can I do, instead, when will “the committee of they” do something. We have rejected the foundation which was of the Christian God with a foundation for personal conduct and traded it for a government of feelings and rapidly changing social allowances with out consideration for moral impudence and the resulting breakdown of the fabric of our society.

I Pray we soon take the burden of personal responsibility as a self attested matter of Character and ask what we can do to involve ourselves in the solutions. That we set aside the temptation to fractionalize and fight each other as if we do not share the same consequence of destruction. I pray those with a proper Christian Heart begin to seek their source of guidance in Spirit and ask what they can do to lift the spirit of their nation and form a more exceptional society. We have endured over two hundred years of growth and improvement as many with in and with out tried to destroy the foundations of this nation. We are now allowing that destruction from within through indifference and ignorance. I personally pray God allow us a change of heart and let His character be our countenance and our character as we address this evil assault on our home and our very nation. He in his Grace has allowed us in our repentance to call for Him to act in our interest for a moral society that honors the Good available from a Loving and Forgiving God. He also gives us the right of refusal. What do You and Yours stand for and who do you blame?

July 18, 2016 / Updated July 28, 2016

Born On The Fourth


Masters Call

Masters have we all.
One is of Glory,
The other from man’s fall.

In pride we say it is ours to decide,
Then proceed in our own will.

But our action is bent towards the one
Who brought us to his wicked call.
Evil is his certain way
With lie and cunning deception your will he does sway.

Towards darkness and the great abyss
He will inch you along the way,
Until with great pride you do stride.

The way you travel seems right
And with little struggle
The way unfolds to your delight.

Beware; there is a toll you must pay,
It will cost all you have ever been or hoped to be
For it will be destroyed along with thee.

It is with this knowledge I come to warn,
As there is hope for all to come and all to see.
We gather in all life’s decisions we three,
The two masters along with me.

One thinks he owns thee,
But the other calls to set you free.
He saw you bound and hopeless
Having a destiny you did not realize,
For even simple truth was hidden from your eyes.

The Master that calls to set You free,
He has pierced the darkness with light so all can see.

The price for our fall He has paid in full He is Mighty and Devine.
Holy and sure He has bought you and set you free,
He paid the price in full for you and me.

It was with his blood He paid hanging on that tree,
Doing the will of the Father He suffered for thee.

The Father raised him on the third day,
A miracle for all to see and we can follow because He has set us free.
But I must stress so Great was His Love,
You can choose to stay with the evil master throughout your living day.
We should be aware though we may not easily see,
The evil masters bondage is already a part of me and it is also in thee.

It is by God’s Grace we hear the call,
It is Christ who came to set us free.
Darkness cannot stand against the light,
It must flee at first sight.

When you hear the call which comes to thee,
Come to Christ and ever live,
This is the Great Gift He came to give.

Mark A. Edgar

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Have you met anyone, or are you one who just knows they are good people. They have not done anything wrong. Certainly if you have been a good person it counts for a lot with God, “If there really IS a God”. Certainly God would never be harsh or judgmental for he is the essence of love. Even if I have done something wrong it is not that serious and God would never judge me for it. Do you know anyone like that? After all, if you’re innocent then there is nothing to be concerned about. If it doesn’t matter then who cares.

I think I am a good person but let’s
review “Innocent:” free from guilt or sin especially through lack of knowledge of evil: blameless as an innocent child. When I look at this I know something right away, I am not unaware of evil and I am…

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The “Lone Wolf” is a Misnomer


It truly is a sad time for America.
I am running out of things to say in one sense as it is every day and the conduct of our elected officials at the congressional level is disgusting.  In regard to the incident yesterday when four Marineswere killed it is a mixed bag of sickening disgust, anger, sadness and out right emptiness for the state of American and the deception on our people. Why on earth are we not allowing our military to arm themselves? Theyare trained in the use of fire arms!I do not like the term that the POTUS and Homeland as well the talking heads all use of Lone Wolf attacks. Yes, I get the meaning This would indicate an animal or person that has been “Excluded” from the proverbial pack and there for spends his time isolated and alone. This idiom is intended to leave us with the idea that they are separated, operate alone and are difficult to detect and there for we cannot deal with them, they have a separation from the whole. In this case the POTUS means to imply that that separation makes the different from the pack (mainstream) and he intends that we do not associate them as being the same.

I cannot agree with this process of thinking. The reason is simple, though the individual has the appearance of separation he truly is not. The ideology is common and even perpetuated and enhanced by the mainstream body. In this case Islamic Jihad and the Caliphate. The motivation, the training, the philosophy or religious motivation is common as is the goal. There is not a separation but rather a subversive deception while the instruction and active result is the same with mutual reward.

Islam is the common ideology, Jihad and the Muslim Caliphate is the common goal and paradise the common reward with Islamic World Rule. Until we join this as one common ideology and come in a direct fight with the religious ideology, the concept that only the Islamic ideal can exist we will not be able to combat this and the conflict on our streets will increase at an exponential rate. We are self defeating as long as we allow the Islamic apologist, even our President to separate the individual “Lone Wolf” from the general ideology. hammer.gif They are one in the same and the enemy at the most obvious and active level must be defeated aggressively. Not handed a free walk on the streets of America and the free world in the name of compromise and tolerance. The writings of the Koran and the teaching of Mohammed and Sharia Law are not compatible with the Constitution of the United States of America. Neither is it compatible with Christianity nor are they tolerant of any religion or belief other than Islam.

We are, by deflection and dilution of the truthful identity of our enemy empowering the very force that intends to bring our demise. I wonder frequently am I the only one that sees a pattern in the daily process? American politicians denigrate from the highest levels the credibility of our institutions, we declare our historic religious faith; that of a dependency on God and our Savior Christ as no longer relevant. We tear down historic symbols, we reject our history, we seek separation in multi-multiculturalism,  we spread educational false hoods to our future generations from primary levels to the university with false hood about the history of Islam in America. We insult and reject our old allies and spit on the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in our rejection of Israel. Consecutively we implement removal of Christianity from our armed forces, our public square, our schools and our dialogue. We do this with public intimidation and political correct speech patterns. We change the meaning of words, cause a racial divide in the public arena with federal action, funding and the power of the bully pulpit. We are now with the pervasive spread of perversion and intimidation attacking at all levels the voice of the Moral and Ethical conscience of our society.

The church is becoming mute on the word in an effort to remain politically correct and maintain its purse through attendance and tax exemption at the cost of political correctness and tolerance. This at a time when the “Truth and the Word” should be spoken with boldness and with out fear, producing a strong exemplary example for the Church, the Body of Christ to respond to. We do not need to be disrespectful of others nor do we need to attack them in a combative worldly fashion. However we need to stand firm in our faith and knowledge of the Word. We need to stand firm in our values and defend each other and the foundation of the Christian Faith. We need to recognize that with the love of Christ also come the judgement of sin.

I am almost sickened by the feckless, gutless response of the Congress and those who should stand firm and lead the attack. I do not like the fact that those in the Senate and the Administration would declare gun bearing, Bible studying War Veterans of America a threat to the nation. Where is the sanity of the public that would even tolerate this manner of thinking.

We are not looking at Lone Wolf action that cannot be controlled, we are looking at collusion and deception at the highest levels and a citizenry that chooses blind tolerance to truthful admission and direct confrontation with the obvious evil that knocks on their door each day.

Yes, I am nearly ill at the lack of observation and introspect displayed by the character of the average American as they entertain themselves each day with destructive acceptance in near silence. Why do I say silence, because I can post every day on dangerous and destructive evil at all corners of our society and a posted joke gets more attention then truth.

We hold to our traditions, our Democrat or Republican roots, our desire to be liked by all, the need to accept any and all perversion and the need to pervert our own religion as we accept false Gods. We turn against our own future families in the name of Love and Hope and Change and Tolerance as we accept and embrace religious ideology that swears to our total destruction. We then give them the tools necessary for their mission. Am I delusional, will I awake tomorrow and find it was only a few radicals and lone wolves which were not a threat after all? I think not. I am not stupid and I am concerned for all that I love and the future of those who sleep.

Yes POTUS and Media, you can tell me about the “Lone Wolf” and the scary evil bigoted American conservative but your cannot convince me . The enemy is on full scale attack at home and he is currently winning in leaps and bounds as America enjoys the false Love and embrace the Hope and Change for a better World Society. Welcome. blink.gif

Born On The Fourth
God Bless biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

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