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Our National Attitude


President Trump and the 4th of July is a reflection of our national attitude it seems. I am somewhat perplexed as I look at the comments on Facebook about the President’s desire to have a great celebration on the Fourth of July. He and I are similar in age I being 72 today as it is my Birthday as well.


I was in High School when the US first engaged in Vietnam. I remember well the hate that was fomented at the Universities across the country. I recall the unrest in foreign Universities as well. I am not going to try and justify or excoriate this involvement here. I am going to express some personal observation. This war was used to accentuate anything the left could find to denigrate the United States. The Marxist and less recognized satanic faction in America reared its ugly head to destroy any vestige possible of the Christian Heritage of this Country. The Decades from Vietnam to the election have a common thread with today. I will have to be brief due length but I hope to tie them together.


The war was horrific in many ways and I cannot but imagine the thoughts of my mother and father when I told them I had decided to enlist and get my own perspective first hand. They being, from the WW11 era and having seen the rise of Hitler and having lost relatives and having brothers locked in Nazi Prison of War camps were at the least uneasy of my decision. None the less, I enlisted, became a Petty Officer due to my extensive knowledge of my field of expertise and went to Vietnam. I watched the riots while in the country, I watched them after return and discharge from active duty and I watched the heart of America in apparent defeat and demise during the Carter years. We questioned every faction motive, the values and the very soul of this nation. The division was all over the place and the call for the socialist was, as today, to abolish Capitalism, condemn our so-called colonialism and hate our founding. Much turf was gained from the opposition in this era. At the time I told my friends and family, we need someone to uplift America and remind us and the world of our good qualities. To bring into remembrance those things which we have overcome in our constant dedication to our Christian values. We needed to be reminded of the fact that France is still France, Germany still Germany, Brittan still Brittan and England still England and yes, Japan is still Japan. We did not try to put up the American flag and demand their allegiance though I think we all know the world would be much different had the US remained noncommittal in WW11.


Soon the emergence of Ronald Reagan uplifted the Spirit of America and basically did those things I mentioned above. The country had a revival of spirit and the people had a renewal of heart. Right or wrong, we progressed after the war. However, the fact is the enemy has never stopped attacking and is more pronounced now than ever, more assured than ever. Who am I calling the enemy (?), Men in America not just some foreign land. The Socialist, the Marxist, those seeking a Godless society and expressing the need for men to rise in their evolution and replace God. These Marxist, Socialist, Luciferians, Satanist who call the truth a lie and the lie truth, who deny absolute morality in a creator and call for individual moral adjustment according to individual feelings of each. This enemy claims no foundational moral truth and total mayhem which they will be glad to manage with their own definition of justice. The few will manage the many in a common good for all. This is the depravity of Satan himself exonerated in the values of a fallen world. I find it disturbing that many don’t seem to realize this is the antithesis of our founding. The nation was established on a principle that we have irrevocable freedoms granted in our nature by God and bluebloods, kings and an elite class cannot remove them and govern by birthright or iron fists. The people are established with power over the governing class and the right to remove them and seek fair and just government. We have the right of defense and Liberty (a gift of God) which is recorded in the only document of its kind, the Constitution of the United States of America. We have the Bill of Rights and the proper manner of adjudication of our laws spelled out to protect all who are citizens. How have we come to discard that which is so profoundly different and better than any that is in history?

Now, the current administration is our favorite point of criticism. Once again, against all momentum of the President who is against the effort of destruction of our foundations? Yes, he is flawed; thank God so are you and I.

Recent previous administrations called the “New World Order” man’s only hope. Previous administrations challenged with National and individual autonomy called for other nations to submit to a greater calling of unity in the United Nations. These are of a one World Order mindset. This is a foundation for a world controlled by few and a system of two classes of citizens. This is the destruction of the individual autonomy and nation-states with borders referred to by this POTUS. The enemies previously mentioned hate this direction and its freedoms. The Luciferians/Satanist hates this direction because they like a socialistic Godless society. They seek a Godless society as history has shown. Evil thrives there as we have seen in the recent history of the Third Reich.  (I personally make a case that this is Biblical.) Now, the intervention of prayer, uplifting of the Christian Heritage, applause of our God and his influence over this people and his blessings in our life and country are not shamed and we are not making a world apology for our values or our history but lifting them up. Why are you so offended by this?

I have seen it said that Trump has hijacked the 4th of July. He is questionable in Christian values as he applauds our country, legislation has been offered that he may never do this July 4th celebration again.


The drive to destroy our founding and the underpinnings I have mentioned are not going away. They will not reduce and cease their attack. If anything they increase and intensify. This nation of America is a stalwart force against their intentions. We stand for values they deny. This is not to say we have not done wrong but rather that is used against us has a hammer failing to recognize that which is just and correct. We have a foundation in the God-given rights of the God of the Bible that is unique in history and one of a kind. The world wants to crucify this ideal again. It is not compatible with the goal of world domination. America has never tried to achieve world domination. Not as a policy I will say for those who look at the error of a few and their policy. This again is the reason the current administration is hated. They are a correction back to previous standards and reduced government. They call for national autonomy seeking other nations to have the same and to encourage their people to achieve higher values of their society and their governments.


I cannot prevent the long term plans for the world but while we are here, a remnant with a different standard than the world we can call for unity and support of those moral values placed in our charge by our creator mentioned in our Constitution. We have an obligation, not just a casual observation of those values and their support. Every time you stand for or against something you are making a choice. The manual for that choice and its foundation is the Christian Bible. There are absolutes that have a consequence for the individual, the nation, and the world. When you are given choices you support by your related action good or evil. You support death or life, freedom or slavery, oppression or liberty, each is acted upon in your choice. You further the demise of this nation and people or you return it to a greater value. You cannot be neutral. There really is a right or wrong, evil or good, love or hate. There really is a great deception the enemy wants to apply to the world and we really are in a war for our existence both in the spiritual sense and the natural sense. Love is not a wholesale acceptance of the other person’s individuality and their actions removed from values! We can love people (have a genuine concern for their wellbeing) and still stand against their actions and values. That which is destructive and abhorrent to life is not to be permitted in the name of love. Abortion, for example, is the destruction of the most innocent life known in the safest place it could reside, the womb so you can love the individual and hate the action they take. You can stand against the person in value and ideals without hating the individual. We need to recognize the application of right and wrong and not confuse it with being tolerant of all things. We should not be tolerant of all things but have a loving discernment overall.


Please consider with caution what you support and where it leads. The nation of Germany allowed the persecution of the Jew with willful ignorance of what was happening. American people turned a blind eye to the atrocity and sent refugees that came to America back to their death refusing them at the port of entry. Today we have a worldwide acceptance of Muslim slave trade and say little against it as men and women are sold on open markets. Today we have human trafficking in the sex trade and forced servitude at a level never known before. The world population is being moved en masse by design and as a weapon to manipulate society.  Today the most persecuted religious faction in the world is Christianity yet our own government on a wide-scale basis refused entry and assistance to the persecuted Christians in Africa and the Middle east as they were starved, beheaded, burned alive, enslaved removed from their homes and properties and left to die. You make choice each day without reservation and often it is with no thought and little or no truth in it. Get serious about what you stand for. Start at home and start today not tomorrow. Tomorrow is a myth and yesterday is dead. The only thing you have is today and the only value you have is the one you act on in the moment of decision. Look at it, measure it, hold it to the standard which is the spoken word of God and watch where it falls. It affects the world in which you live in varying increments to the whole and you will never act without consequence. In short, I and you need to come to the realization it is not all about you.

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Order your copy of ‘Stealth Invasion’

via Order your copy of ‘Stealth Invasion’

There are not many authors who are willing to embrace the realities of what we are facing in the western Christian culture with blunt truth. This is not the case here. For me, this should be in the headlines, fifty years ago or even forty years ago it would have been daily news. I started talking about the shift in our media and government and the merging of those entities in the late sixties. Many scoffed and jeered at what I said. I even titled an article I wrote as “The Rape of Lady Liberty.” People got more upset at the title than the content. Rape is a very personal attack using force and having no regard for the victim. Thus my title as this is the case for the left and socialist takeover of America. It is foundational and tears at every foundation of our founding. It is anti-God and holds the government as god.

Please, if you find your hair on your neck bristling at this then open your mind and read the book on the link. Look at the changed values of your political entities who supposedly represent you. Ask yourself the values you have, those you see, and those you want to support. Even, ask which values you want to be passed to your children and grandchildren, then ask what your course of action is to promote them?

I have no intention to remain silent. you can only support that which you will not speak at because your silence becomes compliance. Evil can only rule when the good refuse to address it. Quit thinking the easy way out is to say nothing. It is the absolute path to defeat. The world stood silent and allowed the WW11 holocaust of the Jew, we are standing silent today at the slaughter of Christians worldwide. The Western Conservative (so-called) is walking hand and hand with the very entities which move against them. We give them our money, our votes, our entertainment dollars, and support sometimes in total ignorance. We condemn those who are fighting the good fight and often times are even at odds with God because we do not take the time to read his word and learn his nature. Quit being a fool and become the go-to person in your circle at church and work and socially who actually knows what is happening. If nothing else, you will have the knowledge you are not the problem, not the darkness but the light in an ever-increasing desperate and lost world.

God Bless.



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Morning Coffee Thoughts and Scripture

When I posted this late a couple nights ago I did not realize it was missing two paragraphs. I corrected and reblog simply because of the error.


coffee mugAs I sipped coffee today I had opened another book as this is one of my reading moments. The book is a new release of Evidence That Demands A Verdict by Josh McDowell and his son Shaun McDowell, PhD.

I had only gotten into the second paragraph and images of today’s topic came rushing into my mind. A man was challenging me on a Facebook post recently. His pre-supposition  being that Christianity was mythical and there is no evidence of miracles stating he did not know one person that had witnessed a miracle. His attitude transmitted more interest in making a statement than seeking a witness or evidence of a truth. In that vein, I commented that I had seen a miracle personally but there was no sense in spending time on it as he was obviously closed minded to the idea. He asked me to share and I declined for…

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Morning Coffee Thoughts and Scripture

coffee mugAs I sipped coffee today I had opened another book as this is one of my reading moments. The book is a new release of Evidence That Demands A Verdict by Josh McDowell and his son Shaun McDowell, PhD.

I had only gotten into the second paragraph and images of today’s topic came rushing into my mind. A man was challenging me on a Facebook post recently. His pre-supposition  being that Christianity was mythical and there is no evidence of miracles stating he did not know one person that had witnessed a miracle. His attitude transmitted more interest in making a statement than seeking a witness or evidence of a truth. In that vein, I commented that I had seen a miracle personally but there was no sense in spending time on it as he was obviously closed minded to the idea. He asked me to share and I declined for the reason stated. He then challenged that I would not even back up my own claim. I bowed out at that, later, considering I could be wrong, I went back and posted the story.

I do not recall if I blogged the story but I have told it on Facebook as a witness right after it happened. Having had several bad days in a row and feeling emotionally defeated I decided on early evening to take a motorcycle ride and see if it would lift my spirits. Thirty miles down the road from my house I was sitting at a stop light. I still felt heavy and decided to ride a longer route home and proceeded. Then my conscience told me I should go back. It was going to be dark and no one knew where I had gone. I should not take the long route and I made a poor decision. It was a violation of my own self imposed safety rules. I decided to make a u-turn on a two lane country highway. 

Clearing the oncoming traffic lane I kept watching for traffic behind me seeing none. As I decided to turn there was gravel on the pavement and it took my attention and concentration until I had passed it. Then, making a quick mirror check I commenced my turn. Instantly I heard a vehicle brakes lock up and I made a panic stop. Turning my head left, coming right at me was a four-wheel drive SUV with the brakes screeching, trying to hold on to the pavement. I was full broadside and he was too close, I expected a collision with my body and was at the same time baffled by what my eyes were telling me.

What I saw visually was not possible. There are laws of motion and physics that do not change. The nose of the vehicle should be diving down towards the roadbed. As the driver was attempting to miss me he needed to change to the left lane from his position and the right front should have been even lower than the left front. Yet, I was looking at the front end raised high enough I could see the entire front axle and the brake caliper assembly and the right side was higher than the left. In addition, I was still hearing the screech of tires. My brain was having a conversation with me saying what I am seeing is not possible. Then, in a split second, the vehicle was fully in the opposite lane and in front of me turning off the road. It was a Sheriffs vehicle and the officer got out, walking to me he said I do not know how I missed you. That vehicle is not made to handle like that.

My bike had a custom pinstripe and on the tank was a representation of the Sword of the Spirit as in the scripture, put on the full armor of God. I laid my hand on it saying I know exactly how you missed me. It was a miracle that defied natural explanation. 

The person mentioned above asked if the deputy had a video recording as he would not believe my witness account without video proof. As I had suspected, he began with a presupposition that miracles cannot and do not happen. Written testimony is not enough. Had I gotten the deputy to write the story it would be the same. Had there been a video then the question would have been how did the film get altered?

I was reminded in my spirit with this memory of the Crucifixion in this manner. We all have to make a choice. Its an individual, not a collective decision. What do we do with the unseen, the supernatural? What do we do with those things we do not understand? As I write it’s ten days until Christmas. The greatest Miracle which has ever taken place is the salvation offered all through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The witness was many and multiple times in occurrence. Yet you and I were not there. The accounts could be inaccurate, the evidence altered by time and interpretation. The one who rejects the spiritual does not accept that scripture as divinely written by the Holy Spirit. Like my critic, he chooses to reject the witness. I want to go to the first example I think of where a critic rejects the gift. It is not only a witness but in a way a participant. How do you get any closer? If I go through something with you in the action of it then I am a credible witness. Would you agree? Yet, we may differ on our view of what happened. What is correct?

At the Crucifixion of Christ, two criminals were crucified with Him. One on the left and one on the right. If you read about it in Luke: 33-43 NASB you will find that the people, even the rulers were mocking him. They were jeering that He should save Himself and that He was not the Christ. One of the criminals mocked that if You are the Christ then save Yourself and us. He said this in spite, not in belief. The other criminal rebuked him asking “Do you not even fear God since you are under the same sentence of condemnation? And we indeed are suffering justly, for we are receiving what we deserve for our deeds; but this man has done nothing wrong” And he was saying “Jesus, remember me when You come in Your kingdom!” Jesus said to him, “Truly I say to you, today you shall be with Me in Paradise.” 

Do you realize when you study this that one criminal rejected that Jesus was the Messiah and joined the people and the leaders in mocking Him? He did not even identify they were guilty and Jesus was innocent. The other criminal realized Jesus was the Messiah and he feared God. He admitted his own guilt and asked Jesus if He would accept him to be with him when He entered His kingdom. Is that not like the gospel message. Of course it is and this is the decision all of us make. Jesus is or He is not who He said He was. We accept that truth or we don’t. There is an obvious result.

Like the man who challenged the spiritual with me, when people deny God, Jesus or the possibility of the spiritual side of us my heart is filled with fear for them. Luke 10:16 in the New Living translation says; Then He said to the disciples, “Anyone who accepts your message is also accepting me. And anyone who rejects you is rejecting me. And anyone who rejects me is rejection God, who sent me.” In First John 2:23 NASB it says; Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father, the one who confesses teh Son has teh Father also.  Finally I refer John 6:63 in the NKJV “It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are Life”…

The unseen is more than the seen, The Spirit is greater than the flesh. Your words carry in them the power of life and death. To choose Christ is to choose life. To fill yourself with his word is to fill your self with his Life. To fill yourself only with the world is to fill yourself with death. Consider what you do and what you accept and reject. Your eternal soul, your very life depends on your choices.  Ultimatly, you and I are accountable individually for our decisions. I study the evidence that I can make sound sound decisions. 

God Bless and Keep you, Mark. Time for a refill so I will catch you next time. 




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Thoughts over Morning Coffee

coffee mugI have been scrolling through the many posts on Facebook this morning and want to expound a bit.There is an overwhelming amount of focus on the threats, disasters, coming destruction, war, natural disaster and great injustice and an exhortation of hate in the feed. This is common as we are in a fallen world and the future is on a downward spiral which has a coming culmination. However, there is another side that one must consider.
When agents and bank employees and the like are taught to discover the counterfeit monetary bill they do not study at length the counterfeit in all of its nuances. They instead study the real article until they know it so well it becomes automatic to identify the (corruption) counterfeit.
The world is submitted to the corruption, the counterfeit, as it is fallen to Sin and that means simply that it is separated from the creator of life, God. So then it is in the process of perishing. This is a picture of death, to rot and eventually total decay. There is death and life is not forthcoming in it. This is the process which is mentioned in my first paragraph. A graphic display of death and destruction on parade in its wretchedness. This is, I would like to say, a counterfeit destiny of the creation, a creation which God has not failed. There is life and hope which is more important. I will get there in a moment.
I have numerous friends, whom I love and respect for their heart and concern for the condition we face. Many send me the update on the decay, the disaster and it’s forthcoming so to speak. I do not disparage the awareness or the need of it. I do however pose a question (?) for all to consider the focus of which they give the most attention towards. As there are death and destruction there is also life and hope. This as the counterfeit leave us with similar option. Do you learn the counterfeit and all of its nuance or do you learn the real article? The real deal is the perfect original. It has not and will not be corrupted. It is the standard against which all other pictures of life are held against to determine their authenticity. Study this first and know it so well that no one person or no one thing can deter you from the real destiny (plan) of the creator (God) for that which is His creation.
God has sent us the definition and perfection of his perfect plan for the creation. This creation had a slight corruption, but He, The God, had the perfect solution. The original, by which we measure all other standards against. That is the sent one, the anointed one, His Son, that was sent to pay the price in full for the sin so all of the mankind could have salvation, His Son Jesus Christ. In that God, through Him, the Christ, sent us the Word of God, Christ, and the government of the church, Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, and Evangelist, that we might come to Know the Original. To know him so intimately, so completely, personally and deeply even so as a man would know his wife intimately. (as sexually) There is a plan for perfect completion, of a personal relationship with God the Father that is undeniable, unpreventable and perfect unto eternity. This plan, the original, the perfect will of the Father is the one with which we should be most familiar. Then, in our Knowing, we will not have any doubt, any discouragement, any sorrow, nor any identity failure with the counterfeit, but Only Joy and Hope eternal in the Christ, the wellspring of living water that Brings life and Life more abundant. Cast the counterfeit aside and embrace the real deal, the Christ Jesus.
Please review not my word but The Word.
John 3:16; John 10:9; John 14:16; Acts: 4-12; 2Cor: 5-17
There is much more that could be said here but then that is what the ministry given you in Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, and Evangalest are for. Do not seperate yourself from them lest the wolves of deception devoure you.

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NFL Commissioner Wants us to be more understanding; I reply

There is a popular theme running across

    our nation which is very destructive.


NFL Commissioner Comments

I choose to comment on this subject as it is not decreasing but increasing. I state this theme as destructive and at the very core, I believe it is the type of illness that can destroy our society and our foundations. The picture is from a post on Facebook in August of 2017 and the message posted was that the commissioner wanted us, the viewing audience to be more understanding of the players in the NFL. I might suggest that the more understanding needs to come from the players, the commission, the owners and the promoters of the game we call Professional Football. You sir, you gentlemen, you athletes are running a capital enterprise which draws on the public for its financial success. We then are your customers. Customers have a volunteer status and come out of a desire to watch your perform your athletic skills in competition. Your character is on display like it or not. This is foundational to any business down to the lowly little local service provider in small town USA. If we, the entrepeneur displays poor judgement, unsatisfactory skill, debased character or any number of undesirable actions in the dealing with our customer base we lose their business. The result is reduced revenue and even financial failure. You have the same result facing you and if that is not true then we are greater fools than I would want to confess.

I do not want to short change this article by being short or failure to be concise. I will try my best to consider our possible difference of view-point and your time.

You seem unwilling to share the same value with me. You have chosen to slap me in the face. You see, as a Vietnam Veteran, one who I might add was a military volunteer, not drafted, I recall very well the sixties and seventies. I recall the raised index fingers, the F Bombs from the young ladies, even the school teacher from my old highschool who sought to read me a right act and tell me If He had a son he would haul him to Canada as a dissenter rather than have him serve as I was and be a part of what I did.

May  I attempt to put that in perspective? I was raised with a belief that our Founding Documents, the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights were values worth defending, and upholding. There is much history with great sacrifice attached which touches many families over multiple generations. You have the freedom of expression and movement, of endeavor of choice and wealth accumulation, the right of marriage and child-bearing and all of these things have been denied those who have died for your right. They all represented our country whether in the American revolution, the Civil War, World War One or World war Two or more recently Korean, Vietnam, and current Gulf Wars and more all which were, costly, always destructive and devastating to life, limb, and property. The are not always just and certainly have there have been moral lapses. In any case, men, women, children and cities and nations suffered. Wives cried, went into poverty, children went wayward due loss of parents, destruction reined and lives forever changed. yet, out of this mayhem also came heroic love, respect, life, Liberty, Faith, Bonds of great strength and resolution which cause greater improvements and life.

I don’t spit on those who gave and I do not denigrate this country which had and still has Great aspirations to uplift and improve itself and its citizens with a Christian value. You may not approve of that value but it raised your level and standard of life. It has taken corrective action in the direction of eliminating slavery, women’s suffrage has raised all women to a new standard of respect and living with tremendous freedoms. Men go freely from town and state without being detained and establish themselves in their chosen course with out force or confinement as long as they obey laws and respect their fellow citizens. We still have the right of disagreement without coercion but this is in danger of loss.

My aunts and uncles, friends and cousins. and total strangers joined only by the ideal of a consitutional Republic died, bled, sacrificed and suffered loss for my right to post this article and your right of speech and dissent.

Just a few I may mention, my father’s cousin sits in his tomb, the USS Arizona which was in Pearl Harbor, my Uncle Stan Whitney was a prisoner of war in Germany. He marched on two death marches, carried his side gunner mate on his back until two broken legs healed and watch the atrocity of the Jewish prisoners being put in showers and gassed to death, burned in the ovens, piled in mass graves and tourchered in prison camp. He saw furniture made of Human Hide, Lamp shades of the same, and your could count every rib and bone in his body when he was freed from prison camp. My father in-laws, from a split family due to divorce both served heroically in the Second World War. One whom I talked with was still having dreams from the war in his eighties and nineties, My own best friend from child hood came home in a casket as God allowed me to come home upright in an airliner. The loss to his family was devastating and affected some family members for years. It still affects me in the sorrow of his loss.

Was all of this tragedy right, moral, perfect and satisfying to all, of course not. But in every case, the survivors, for the most part, got up, put on their big boy pants and went to work to make their live and country a better place.

We now have a cancer invading this country where every dissatisfaction is game for public display and riot or destruction. Ever past reality that is distasteful deserves destruction and debasement by the discontent. Respect is cast aside for individual pride and arrogance with no regard for history. Destruction is the course rather than construction and foundational growth.

When I stand for the National Anthem for America or Salute the Flag, when I sing the Anthem it is with Honor, with revere for those who gave so much and endured that I may stand and have the Freedom and Liberty much of the world does not have. I am not shot or imprisoned for my beliefs, my spoken words or printed thoughts. However, I am not blind to the fact that this can happen and history has proven time and time again.

When you NFL players, and supportive staff sit, kneel, raise a fist and show disrespect for all of those who served and serve now you slap me in the face. You spit on me and insult me again. you denigrate all of the wives children and soldiers of the past who gave you the freedom and liberty to be on that field. to have your chance and to emulate your selves and be prideful. Neither of wich I might add is attractive.

I will not pay for your disrespect. nor will I spend my time to view your antics or hear your rants. That is not why I watch a “Game” of athletic skill. So, to the commissioner I say I am an understanding person. I have respect, and I pay for the things with my time and money that I find of value. You are robbing me of the value by your standard of not respecting those who gave you freedom to have place in your endeavor. I think it is You that needs to change and learn to be understanding.

Of course, as a Christian, a Veteran, and an American I respect your right to disregard my opinion. You economic choice is after all your choice.

Have a Nice Day.








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Masters Call

Be not Deceived Brothers,

Masters have we all.
One is of Glory,
The other from man’s fall.

In pride we say it is ours to decide,
Then proceed in our own will.

But our action is bent towards the one
Who brought us to his wicked call.
Evil is his certain way
With lie and cunning deception your will he does sway.

Towards darkness and the great abyss
He will inch you along the way,
Until with great pride you do take stride.

The way you travel seems right
And with little struggle
The way unfolds to your delight.

Beware; there is a toll you must pay,
It will cost all you have ever been or hoped to be
For it will be destroyed along with thee.

It is with this knowledge I come to warn,
As there is hope for all to come and all to see.
We gather in all life’s decisions we three,
The two masters along with me.

One thinks he owns thee,
But the other calls to set you free.
He saw you bound and hopeless
Having a destiny you did not realize,
For even simple truth was hidden from your eyes.

The Master that calls to set You free,
He has pierced the darkness with light so all can see.

The price for our fall He has paid in full He is Mighty and Devine.
Holy and sure He has bought you and set you free,
He paid the price in full for you and me.

It was with his blood He paid hanging on that tree,
Doing the will of the Father He suffered for thee.

The Father raised him on the third day,
A miracle for all to see and we can follow because from death He has set us free.
But I must stress so Great was His Love,
He allows that you can choose to stay with the evil master throughout your living day.
We should be aware though we may not easily see,
The evil masters bondage is already a part of me as it is also of thee.

It is by God’s Grace we hear the call,
It is Christ who came to set us free.
Darkness cannot stand against the light,
It must flee at first sight.

When you hear the call which comes to thee,
Come to Christ and ever live,
This is the Great Gift He came to give.

Mark A. Edgar
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“Do You Know”


Soon will come for the eyes of all to behold,

A Cloud rolling across the heavens east to west,

Jesus proclaimed his return just as his departure,

Nothing will stop him, his presence none may withhold.


From the beginning time, the Lords Day is foretold,

Yet to untruth some with outright malice do hold,

With the truth evident to them, they still deny,

God’s word from time beginning,  foretold, how it will unfold,

Even God’s signs visible in the heavens as we looked to the sky!


Confusion is in the chatter, anger and fear may give rise,

With great doubt, many do shout.

They express disbelief,

In the failure of man, they seek someone to give relief.

Yet those aware with lamp trimmed and ready,

Find in theWord His comfort firm and steady.


Their door already stands opened as the Grooms footsteps 

Are heard falling they now draw near,

We who are in waiting feel the Joy untold, the moment is about to unfold!


While judgment on the deniers will fall,

The Bride with Groom will attend Wedding Feast abundant,

Celebration has come to all who said Yes, Yes when they heard The Call.

They turned from the fall and received the Grace given once for all. 

Rejoice and be glad the signs in the Sky,

Gods hand by His Grace lifts all on High!

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Righteousness and the Christian

Up Date: 12/13/2017 from 11/17/2016            Reading the book “Two Kinds of righteousness”; the most important message ever written to the church. The author; E. W. Kenyon.

1) As I look at what we have in Christ, the imputed righteousness much has become ours. We have a renewal in fellowship with the Most High, with Father God. We have been given access to the Holy of Holies in Christ. The father has given us more than we could know or ask with Grace at the Cross. In Christ now as in the garden we can walk with him in every facet of our life. This is beyond the expectation of most all I could hope in my discussions of the Lord and our salvation.

Each day we deal with circumstances that life delivers. As I have walked my own walk and been witness too that of others I cannot help but wonder; Is it that we do not exercise our gifted and blessed strength in Christ, the one and only Begotten Son of God the Father because we are just comfortable enough in what we do in our own strength that we do not feel the need to come to His strength? Has habit and familiarity with the restriction of shackles so trained our soul that we shut out the expression of our New Man in the Spirit which we have become when we are saved? It seems that only in tragedy do we feel the need to cry out for His strength and then we are in unfamiliar territory and find our self without sufficient faith. Yet, that strength is ours completely in the Christ.  

It is in the renewing of the mind that we find faith and the renewing of the mind is through the hearing of the spoken word of God. If we have not consumed it then it cannot develop our faith and we are weak and become fallen to the trials of life when we should be victorious. The first habit should be that of consuming and renewing ourselves with the very Life-giving Word of God and yet this is most likely the last of our efforts.  We strive in entertaining ourselves, finding pride in our strength; seeking our own path and embracing the praise of others as we lift ourselves we fail to seek our greatest strength. We even condemn and blame others in our shortfall.  If our habit and choice in life caused us to fall short and we do not consume the word then this is a tragedy we have the power to alter. We, by choice, can make Gods Word the focus as our most important duty.

If we are renewing ourselves in the word we find Paul in 2nd Cor. 12:9 saying this,
And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

And 2nd Cor. 12:10 continues:
Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in needs, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ’s sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

Paul has learned that it is better to be in Christ strength then his own and takes not pride in who he is but rather dies to himself that he may find the strength of Christ in him. This is where we need to be. If I have anything to ask of this it would be that I may so reject my own prideful strength that I die to self and completely rely on the Christ who has come that I have life ever lasting. He, Christ is the firstborn of a new covenant.  I would hope that You will ponder this, reading Corinthians and dwelling on who you have become in Christ. He did not repair the old you, He created you a new creature in Christ of which He was the first. The old nature is put away and the new reigns supreme in all who call on the name of Jesus. We, you and I have a credible and mighty renewal in Christ. We come before God as his child righteous and Blessed in every way. We are new creations, Sons of God, we are family and with that comes a new responsibility to earnestly unfold the word of God to others and share the light, the very essence of life.

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