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Stories of Life

Movies, books, radio, recordings as well as music and art tell us stories of life. They emphasize circumstance and values viewed from every perspective one can imagine. These are creations often filled with both fact and fiction. Created and expressed by the multitudes who both live and observe life’s experience in this world, they always touch part of us. We see a bit of our values and reflection of character expressed in our reaction as we embrace all these.

It is fascinating to observe life and to experience it. The interesting thing is that our experience from birth, possible from conception, actually affects how we receive and how we express each detail of life. Two people can share side by side experience and yet have a totally different experience. They can share intimate moments and have a different response. With these complex realities, one comes to realize that we are very complex creature. This causes me to identify communication as one of the most important and simultaneously most difficult things we do.

I, for example, am a hopeless romantic. I am a man of over six decades and I watch a rerun of a movie like “You’ve Got Mail” or Sleepless in Seattle and get choked up. I see a good love story or expression of great tribulation and triumphant overcoming and cry. I listen to certain symphonic or orchestral arraignment and become emotional to tears. A sad love song or good love story will bring me to all kinds of emotion. Sometimes a photograph or even a simple thought of moments lost and efforts not made will bring me to emotions of anger, helplessness and great Joy and happiness.

I think one of the most exceptional forms of expression come from physical intimacy. I love deep penetrating looks into the eyes of another person and the touch of their skin. I love the complete surrender of one’s self to another with out self-imposed restriction do fear or inhibition from some previous life experience. To be totally vulnerable and feel safe at the same time is an awesome moment.

Trust is an element of intimacy that cannot be replaced by any other feeling and is not easily faked as it involves all of a person. It is also fragile and easily damaged. For some, if broken it may never be rebuilt. We become self-protective and forgiveness is easy to claim but difficult to actually construct.

It is noteworthy that robotics scientist recognizes the need for a computerized device to learn by trial and error and see it as a necessary part of programming. Then on a human level, we fail in the area of forgiveness and renewal which is part of the trial and error process. Forgiveness and encouragement of constructive and informed actions are withheld over even simple things. The exchange of information that will improve function or intimate and valuable interaction is withheld. Withholding then produces, an action which completely goes against foundational relationship and communication. We become offended and withhold those very things which would heal and improve failure and disappointment as we learn.

Unlike the programming of the robot, the human communication requires a permissive action of each individual involved. We have to receive and impart information if we hope to understand or alter the character of the relationship towards another. I used to think I was good at this communication process but with age, I find I have been at times poor at it. Observing the result is the reason for this statement. Not in the sense that I cannot communicate but in the sense that I have found the communication sometimes superficial and shallow. The process of sharing at a deeper personal level has been and continues to be nearly a total failure. Not in every case , however notably in some. The reason this is an area of concern and brought up is this is where the foundational changes reside. Things that are shallow and superficial never get to the root of the things needing recognition and change. If we only stay at this level we are controlled by emotion and circumstance rather than taking control and commanding the circumstances by affecting reciprocal change. I think my relationship with my wife, our children, in long-term association bears this out. This is not a proud profession but rather a humble realization.

I have noticed in the Bible when salvation and redemptive rejuvenation take place the heart is not repaired, rather it is replaced. This is a huge statement of the human condition. This may shed light on how difficult selfless conduct is in the human interaction.

I have met people who seem much better at it than I. It is possible that deep with in recognition of this reality is why movies that reflect love and selfless intimacy or interaction cause me to become emotional. It is touching on a greater pain of failure towards achieving the same in my own life. It seems shameful that I see ocassions of myself and so many others who obviously have never connected on a deep interpersonal level.

In my most important relationship other than that of my God I consider myself a failure at this point in life. That would be the reflection of relationship with my wife. When we were getting to know who each other was and trying to form a relationship we were much more interested in each other than we have been for the last thirty years. We seem to have grown apart, not closer. Where is the honest communication in a relationship that develops increasing silence and superficial communication? Where is honesty, honesty with self and your mate? Where is blame when it lies first in self?

It occurs to me in the effort to destroy (defeat) Gods creation of man a foundational principle took place. In the garden, before the fall, in the morning God would meet with Adam and walk with him and talk with him. When God created Adam a mate Adam thought it was very good. Then Adam allowed Satan, the serpent, to corrupt him by eating of the Tree of Good and Evil which gave him a perspective he did not previously have. It gave desire and knowledge, not in Adams character.  There was a communication failure between Adam, Eve and God having been perverted by Satan. The immediate result was a spiritual death (not a physical death) of Adam and Eve. This (death) is described as Separation from God. They no longer walked together and talked together. The relationship suffered a communication loss. 

God now had to implement a plan to reinstate the communication with his beloved mankind. In short, that renewal takes place when we accept and come to Jesus the Christ. The divide is overcome as the one that comes to Christ is given to become a New Creature in Christ, receiving a new heart, and now has a direct communication in the Throne room of God. This is, in my opinion, the greatest miracle of all, the renewal of man to God through the payment in full of the penalty of Sin by the Son of God. Jesus, the anointed one, did this on our behalf. God first loved us when we were totally unlovable and undeserving. He had the Grace to move past the divide towards the solution to the divide as he presented his Son the Christ to die for my sin. What an incredible display of Love and Grace for those having a perverted understanding of the same.               

What would happen in our life if we actually forgave and reached out in Love to our spouses, our families, our relatives with a true and honest communication? What if we walked together in a joint exercise learning the Word of God, in Knowing the Person of God who actually describes Himself as Love. He is the definition of Love. It is His character we want to emulate, to put on so to speak as we put on clothing.  What if we let go of self by releasing control of our life circumstance to Christ and trusted him to handle the necessary development to overcome our broken nature. God has in fact given us the tool to do that when we come to his Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus tells us himself that he has sealed us with His Holy Spirit as a promise of His return to receive us as His Bride and take us to be with the Father God.              

To stay in the theme of the above writing God has given us a six thousand-year history of prediction revelation, of life example and Holy Spirit inspired word to Communicate His incredible Love for us. He has given us the tools the ability and even the desire to embrace his gift of Life and Communion with the God of Creation. We have the person of Wisdom shouting from the street to call for Him and we will Receive Him. We have the Seal of the Holy Spirit guaranteeing we shall not be lost and we come to Christ as a perfect spotless Bride. We have the unchanging Character, the perfect Person of God who has pursued us and sought to communicate with us since the dust of the earth had Life Breathed into it by God himself.

Why than struggle with strife, hatred, division, separation, and refusal to grow and communicate with the most important person in our life. Why submit to the great distraction of life trials, of selfish needs, of mental fears and to lusts and perversion. The reason is really reduced down to the desire of the enemy, Satan to prevent the simplest act of communication between you, the creation, and God, the creator.

Let’s strive to choose Life, to accept the persons of God the Father, of Christ the Son and our redemption, of the Holy Spirit who teaches our spirit and communicates for us where we do not know how to communicate with God. Embrace the person of Wisdom and consume the Living Word of God.

It is Jesus Christ himself who tells us that if we will put our eyes on Him first, that He will take care of all of these other things in our life. We have a tendency, do our previous slavery in submission to sin, to focus on all the problem, the trappings, the exaggerations and lusts of the world we view in life as our first priority. We demand control, then we seek to blame someone when it does not work out right and seek God as a desperate solution to our circumstance. In this, we build divide, division, separation, and so on as we leave God out of our actions. He, God is the only one who can see the beginning from the end. He knows the attacks that will come. He will light the path but we must allow it by turning to Him. When we demand control, He will give you the wheel. You may not turn the lights on when you need them.

I took sixty-nine years to come to the point of realizing no matter what else is in your moment of life, the single most important decision we make in each day is to put our eyes on Christ (the anointed One) first. Then give him control and his provision, his plan, his guide in all of your association is the single perfect thing that can happen in our life. 

God is eternal, he is the Alfa and the Omega. We, you and I are described in the Bible in this thing we call Life as but a vapor. Think about that a moment as you measure all of your priorities. A vapor if you have ever observed a tea kettle steaming, that vapor is here and gone in an instant. Yet, God says things like “He knew us before the foundations of the earth were laid”. He knit us together in the womb and we have an eternal life.  As we measure the enormity of this I suggest putting the brief years we have (60, 80, 90) in comparison to the above. 

I ask myself, do I want to let the perceived image of all that this world offers to dilute the reality? Do I want to let all of the circumstance, the drama, the excess of temporary and brief life interfere with the communication that my God has sought with me? The answer is really simple. Communication with Him and the relationship of His love is the single most important thing in the entirety of this brief thing we call life. This Communication with the one who sought us first, who loved us first, who redeemed us and renewed us to him that we might, Walk with Him, and Talk with Him, is the single most important thing you can do in this life. It is literally the foundation and the value that should affect every other communication in our life.

You must daily make a decision, which voice, which communication will guide you and create who you become. Where will it lead you? Will you choose to build Life or death? I personally have chosen Life; for Life choose me First and pursued me even when I was lost and unlovable. He, My God, the God of Creation and the giver of Life has since the beginning of time sought to commune with me. Do you realize that is our position?

Choose Him, Choose Life, do not be silent and continue the divide, Embrace and Communicate each and every day of your life. It, after all, is the foundation of LIFE.

by Mark A Edgar

a personal testimony


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Masters Call

Be not Deceived Brothers,

Masters have we all.
One is of Glory,
The other from man’s fall.

In pride we say it is ours to decide,
Then proceed in our own will.

But our action is bent towards the one
Who brought us to his wicked call.
Evil is his certain way
With lie and cunning deception your will he does sway.

Towards darkness and the great abyss
He will inch you along the way,
Until with great pride you do take stride.

The way you travel seems right
And with little struggle
The way unfolds to your delight.

Beware; there is a toll you must pay,
It will cost all you have ever been or hoped to be
For it will be destroyed along with thee.

It is with this knowledge I come to warn,
As there is hope for all to come and all to see.
We gather in all life’s decisions we three,
The two masters along with me.

One thinks he owns thee,
But the other calls to set you free.
He saw you bound and hopeless
Having a destiny you did not realize,
For even simple truth was hidden from your eyes.

The Master that calls to set You free,
He has pierced the darkness with light so all can see.

The price for our fall He has paid in full He is Mighty and Devine.
Holy and sure He has bought you and set you free,
He paid the price in full for you and me.

It was with his blood He paid hanging on that tree,
Doing the will of the Father He suffered for thee.

The Father raised him on the third day,
A miracle for all to see and we can follow because from death He has set us free.
But I must stress so Great was His Love,
He allows that you can choose to stay with the evil master throughout your living day.
We should be aware though we may not easily see,
The evil masters bondage is already a part of me as it is also of thee.

It is by God’s Grace we hear the call,
It is Christ who came to set us free.
Darkness cannot stand against the light,
It must flee at first sight.

When you hear the call which comes to thee,
Come to Christ and ever live,
This is the Great Gift He came to give.

Mark A. Edgar
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“Do You Know”


Soon will come for the eyes of all to behold,

A Cloud rolling across the heavens east to west,

Jesus proclaimed his return just as his departure,

Nothing will stop him, his presence none may withhold.


From the beginning time, the Lords Day is foretold,

Yet to untruth some with outright malice do hold,

With the truth evident to them, they still deny,

God’s word from time beginning,  foretold, how it will unfold,

Even God’s signs visible in the heavens as we looked to the sky!


Confusion is in the chatter, anger and fear may give rise,

With great doubt, many do shout.

They express disbelief,

In the failure of man, they seek someone to give relief.

Yet those aware with lamp trimmed and ready,

Find in theWord His comfort firm and steady.


Their door already stands opened as the Grooms footsteps 

Are heard falling they now draw near,

We who are in waiting feel the Joy untold, the moment is about to unfold!


While judgment on the deniers will fall,

The Bride with Groom will attend Wedding Feast abundant,

Celebration has come to all who said Yes, Yes when they heard The Call.

They turned from the fall and received the Grace given once for all. 

Rejoice and be glad the signs in the Sky,

Gods hand by His Grace lifts all on High!

Praise and thanksgiving be to his Glory,

We will continue as his greatest creation story.

Thoughts over my morning coffee 

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Mark A. Edgar   Author

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Polished and Prefected

the-wordHaving the honor of giving Praise to our Lord last night I was blessed with remembrance and evidence of the Lords desire for my and your life. As I attended service with Bible College students during Praise I had a notion of entering the Throne Room, the Holy of Holies and basking in the light of the Lord our God. This was soon expanded with the reminder of Rivers of Living waters flowing and I felt as though it was flowing right from the center of my being as I am a new man in Christ. As I saw this in my mind’s eye I came to a memory of my youth.

*( note: for those who may not be familiar, at the Crucifixion of the Lord the veil into the Third chamber of the tent of Worship, the Holy of Holies was covered from floor to ceiling with a veil (curtain) and only the Priest was allowed beyond that point. The common man, (those not in the Priesthood) did not have admittance for audience with the Lord. After the crucifixion and the death of Christ there was an earthquake and the veil was torn floor to ceiling. The separation of man from the personal relation with his Father God would once and for ever be removed and we would see this manifestation at the Day of Pentecost with the giving of the Holy Spirit. At the time we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior and are born again we become a new thing of which Christ was the first. We are born again and now God can look upon us and have fellowship with us again as he did in the Garden. He can walk with us and talk with us and call us His own and we have fellowship with Him. We can come to the Throne Room of God the Father.)

The memory took me back to eleven and twelve years of age as I used to walk down the ally a block and visit my Grandfather. He had taken up a study of geology and lapidary in his senior years. He was very dedicated and was granted an Honorary Degree of Geology by the University of Idaho. As he gathered rocks from around the northwest he filled a rock shop and made jewelry. I could add a series of paragraphs about his skill and honor him but lets simply accept that I was taken to remembrance of my relationship with him. I would go and watch him work for hours at a time. He, seeing my interest began to include me in his travels and I would anxiously join him. I watch him make jewelry and took in his every public display with joy and great respect for this man who allowed me to be in his presence.

My mother had four boys and became upset at the fact that he only took me and none of the other boys with him on outings. As a mother would, she years later informed me, confronted him wanting know why. The answer was really quite simple, her father informed her tha I was the only one that had ever shown any interest in him and the things he was doing. I had you see, sought to be with him. He honored me by allowing me to have that association.

One of the tools Grandpa’s shop was a “rock tumbler”. To digress, when we went on rock hunting trips grandpa Phelps could see formations in the natural ground and know the likely treasures of gem stone that would be found in those formations. We could walk and he would see a rock on the ground covered partially and dirty, or could dig and expose rocks seemingly just another stone and he knew its potential. We would collect them and return to the shop here the tools of the trade were at hand. Then would begin to unfold at the skill of the master artesian a collection rubies, or opals, star garnets or Jasper. Geodes would be sawn in half to reveal their certain and spectacular inner beauty. Petrified wood and stones of many types would be cut and polished to reveal their many unique colors and beauty, each different and each special. I especially was surprised by the tumbler as many small and seemingly simple unimpressive pieces of rock we put into a hexagon drum with water and it would churn for sometimes days.

The constant churning would rib the rocks against each other and the flat surfaces would cause them to tumble and ever so slightly be tossed that the constant irritation would wear the flaws and the extrusion from the surface. All the contents would become polished to a high degree and the specific perfect beauty of each piece would be revealed. As this metamorphosis took place the artesian, my grandfather could them embellish each piece as desired with gold and silver, each would become a showpiece with greatly enhanced value and desire to be sought after and kept.This has happened with no little effort and with a great love of the transformation of the seemingly unworthy stone. All of this process was in my remembrance in a moment of time.

I saw this as these rocks were washed and polished a became reflective of their potential as men in preparation. I saw the water become the Word of the Holy God which has been give us all and the word was scrubbing off the flaws and rough edges. The unwanted crust and filth was being chipped away as the word tumbled around and refined the man. We were polished and made valuable beyond our ability and imagination by the washing of the word of God. I saw that the seeking of my grandfather was honored and rewarded by the presence in my life of him. He sought after me and asked me to be with him that I and he could have a joy in the relationship. He could teach me and I could grow and become a better person having a greater ability and value.

I then saw that the reason this was reminded me was I had sought the relation of my grandfather. If we, you and I will seek the Father, if we will pursue the word, take it into our life and let it do its work each day and not grow weary in the doing then it will polish us and bring us to the perfect thing of beauty that the Lord has in mind for us,.He will honor us if we seek him and he will come to spend time with us. Sometimes those rocks are broken, sometimes they are cut, they may even be shattered and sharp rough edges remain but once they are tumbled and polished, they are crowned in their perfect glory they have a tremendous new value.

This is what the Word of God consumed and prevalent in our life will do for us. God will work his will, he will shape and polish and from us into the perfect and valuable plan which is unique to us.

You are a precious stone in the house of the lord;

First Peter 2: 1-7 NASB    Therefore, putting aside all malice and deceit and hypocrisy and envy and all slander, 2 like newborn babies, long for the pure milk of the word, so that by it you may grow in respect to salvation, 3 if you have tasted the kindness of the Lord. 4 And coming to Him as to a living stone which has been rejected by men, but is choice and precious in the sight of God, 5 you also. as living stones, are being built up as a spiritual house for a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. 6 For this contained in scripture: “BEHOLD, I LAY IN ZION A CHOICE STONE, A PRECIOUS CORNERstone,AND HE WHO BELIEVES IN [HIM WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.”7 This precious value, then, is for you who believe; but for those who disbelieve,“THE STONE WHICH THE BUILDERS REJECTED,

Our Christ, the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings is the first of this new thing which God has ordained and Christ is the builder. We are a work which He has done and that not of our doing. The world does not understand and we are the light, the example, the path way that they in a dark place may see and come to their rightful home in Christ. We are his ambassadors here in the world to shine and speak on his behalf. Be not reluctant to let the Word of God remake you into the creation he always intended you to be.

BOTF/ Mark A. Edgar
God Bless.


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Righteousness and the Christian

Up Date: 12/13/2017 from 11/17/2016            Reading the book “Two Kinds of righteousness”; the most important message ever written to the church. The author; E. W. Kenyon.

1) As I look at what we have in Christ, the imputed righteousness much has become ours. We have a renewal in fellowship with the Most High, with Father God. We have been given access to the Holy of Holies in Christ. The father has given us more than we could know or ask with Grace at the Cross. In Christ now as in the garden we can walk with him in every facet of our life. This is beyond the expectation of most all I could hope in my discussions of the Lord and our salvation.

Each day we deal with circumstances that life delivers. As I have walked my own walk and been witness too that of others I cannot help but wonder; Is it that we do not exercise our gifted and blessed strength in Christ, the one and only Begotten Son of God the Father because we are just comfortable enough in what we do in our own strength that we do not feel the need to come to His strength? Has habit and familiarity with the restriction of shackles so trained our soul that we shut out the expression of our New Man in the Spirit which we have become when we are saved? It seems that only in tragedy do we feel the need to cry out for His strength and then we are in unfamiliar territory and find our self without sufficient faith. Yet, that strength is ours completely in the Christ.  

It is in the renewing of the mind that we find faith and the renewing of the mind is through the hearing of the spoken word of God. If we have not consumed it then it cannot develop our faith and we are weak and become fallen to the trials of life when we should be victorious. The first habit should be that of consuming and renewing ourselves with the very Life-giving Word of God and yet this is most likely the last of our efforts.  We strive in entertaining ourselves, finding pride in our strength; seeking our own path and embracing the praise of others as we lift ourselves we fail to seek our greatest strength. We even condemn and blame others in our shortfall.  If our habit and choice in life caused us to fall short and we do not consume the word then this is a tragedy we have the power to alter. We, by choice, can make Gods Word the focus as our most important duty.

If we are renewing ourselves in the word we find Paul in 2nd Cor. 12:9 saying this,
And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

And 2nd Cor. 12:10 continues:
Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in needs, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ’s sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

Paul has learned that it is better to be in Christ strength then his own and takes not pride in who he is but rather dies to himself that he may find the strength of Christ in him. This is where we need to be. If I have anything to ask of this it would be that I may so reject my own prideful strength that I die to self and completely rely on the Christ who has come that I have life ever lasting. He, Christ is the firstborn of a new covenant.  I would hope that You will ponder this, reading Corinthians and dwelling on who you have become in Christ. He did not repair the old you, He created you a new creature in Christ of which He was the first. The old nature is put away and the new reigns supreme in all who call on the name of Jesus. We, you and I have a credible and mighty renewal in Christ. We come before God as his child righteous and Blessed in every way. We are new creations, Sons of God, we are family and with that comes a new responsibility to earnestly unfold the word of God to others and share the light, the very essence of life.

Born on the Fourth


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Love the Lean

The layers were in the jacket but zipped in wrong. Thinking it might not make a difference would be easy but fixing them was more prudent. Comfort, after all has a real value on a brisk morning ride. I holstered my 9mm Glock, fitted the vest and slid on the white and black, fully armored riding jacket and zipped it to test the fit. With the vest, holstered Glock, rain liner and warmth liner all stuffed in the mesh and armored jacket it was snug and comfortable.

I slipped on the helmet and turned on the U-Clear. I pulled the phone from my pocket and turned on the Sirius App, tuned in a station with Praise and Worship and had instant stereo in my helmet. All that was left was to mount the 1200cc Octane and start it. I don’t know what it is about men and machine. There is a feeling as the bike comes upright off the stand and the throaty rumble comes from the twin cylinder pipes. The nearly instant heat rising from the exhaust and the slight vibration of finely tuned hundred and five horses mounted in the frame as I sit gives sure feeling of expectancy of a good ride. All of the senses come to focus on that one thought and there is a solid clunk as the Victory goes into gear. Out comes the clutch and the motion towards friends I ride to meet is welcome.

At the fuel stop, our starting point, there are already two that arrived before me. I park and break my hot coffee out of the saddle bag and we say hellos. A Harley Davidson three-wheeler and one of three Indian cruisers that will be riding this morning are present and the three of us riders exchange what we have been doing since the last ride. A Honda hits the ramp, wearing racing badges and straight pipes and the rider always rolls the throttle a couple of times as he pulls to the pump for gas to keep his ponies happy. I cannot help but comment on the really mean and aggressive sound of the pipes and cylinders seeking more oxygen as the pistons fire. It is like a warning, “no matter what I am coming.” The Black Star and Two more Indians arrive and the husband and wife, Slim and Gypsy who host the ride take a head count and we all chat bikes and our destination in Loman Idaho for lunch. We have one rider whose bike is broken so he brings his Corvette that he may have lunch with us. This is a group that loves the lean on the machine and we are all ready to hit the road. Somebody yells that we are burning daylight and in a moments time nine bikes fire up and we leave with a white 76 Vette bring up the rear.

This is late September and the ride will take us over Mores Creek Summit over 6000 ft. I love this ride. The road starts out below the Arrowrock Dam, just twenty minutes east of Boise. As soon as the road allows we are up to speed and the cool air rolling over the windshield and across the legs feels great as we accelerate to hi way speeds. The smell of the fresh air as we run up the Boise River is invigorating. We are staggered in pairs and the sound of the bikes in front of me is part of the joy the senses find in the ride. Coming into a corner on a bike at speed is an awesome and exhilarating feeling. I watch the three bikes in front of me as they lean left and I feel my bike roll into the turn as I accelerate. The Octane will lean thirty-two degrees before a foot rest touches the ground and there is a slight rub of the boot heel on the pavement once you reach this point. Something that will never be felt when out for a ride in the family car.

If you don’t ride you probably do not realize the bike wants to stay up because the wheels are like a gyro. A road like this is awesome as we get on the east side of the Arrowrock backwaters and slip into the mountains the turns increase in number and there is a great variation in severity and speed of the turns. There are many sensations that one realizes the fresh pine scent and the flow of the river as we go upstream. The shadows from the trees flicker with varied intensity and as we go through the turns it is like watching a wing of fighter planes peel off and fall in file to attack a target. Of course, we are only attacking the thrill of the road and the slight competitive edge of each one to the other.

You cannot run this without seeing the Kayak enthusiast and rafters running the river. There are many getting the run in before the season ends just like us.  We are running HI way 21 and quickly arrive at Idaho City. The next part of the run up over Mores Creek Summit is a real treat with a climb from 3906 elev. at Idaho city to 6118 at the summit. I love this on the Octane, there are switchbacks that require some technical riding and there is incredible scenery if you slow and look over the mountains. The cool temperatures actually add to the joy of this ride and we had the good fortune to see the beginning of the fall colors. The pale and bright contrasts of yellow and orange, amber and green mixed with clear air and blue sky with some white clouds all accented with the smell of fall.

I think one of the reasons I love to ride and love the lean is it takes all of your focus and nothing is on the mind but the ride and the elements surrounding you. You have to watch for rocks on the road and if you don’t already know the rider must look through the turn to where he is going to be if he wants to cut a line that keeps the road under the tires. I have always like to feel a machine perform and it doesn’t matter what it is. Eighteen wheeler, airplane, muscle car, dirt bike or road bike and even a CAT D10 . It is the man and machine thing I mentioned. In this ride, the Octane is a real thrill. most of the climb I run in second and third gear. The Octane has an 8300 rpm rev limit and plenty of torque to come from the three thousand range up. Accelerating through corners or holding power increases traction and stability and these two gears let me run from twenty-five to ninety-five mph with no trouble. It also helps on the downhill side when we rapidly lose over two thousand feet. Fun multiplied and I thank the Lord for a safe and exhilarating ride every time.

Arriving in Lowman is time to have lunch and stretch the legs. We pull up at Trudy’s Kitchen (Trudy Jackson) where you can find RV space, cabin rental and of course what we are after today, Great Food. It is like coming home to mom’s and I had the best burger I have eaten this year. I had skipped breakfast so the burger was two 1/4# patties, over easy egg, bacon and cheese and pure culinary joy. The conversation with friends and yes, it was like family, discussing kids, cars, bikes, trips and a few jokes. Sine we are retired or semi-retired there are old guy stories and just a moment of life with a pleasure of good company. How can one not like this kind of riding? Hence a part of why the I love the lean.

I could tell you about the return, it is a story of its own as the road is a bit faster and the jackets came off as the temperature warmed; but then I would have to tell as much as I already have. If you do ride you know what it is about. If you have never ridden this loop it is a place to look forward to. Next time I am going to take the route from Lowman to Banks, Stanly, Sun Valley and Fairfield which is a whole different set of friends and stories. Mostly, it will be more of loving the lean and feeling a oneness with a two-wheeled machine. At sixty-nine, I find I am still packing the teen with me and hear the call to adventure.

God Bless and if you are the same, Love the Lean.

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The Responsibility of Self

I listened the last couple of days as people call in to talk shows like Breitbart and Hannity asking for advice on voting. One man did not want to vote one way and questioned whether a vote the oth…

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The Responsibility of Self


I listened the last couple of days as people call in to talk shows like Breitbart and Hannity asking for advice on voting. One man did not want to vote one way and questioned whether a vote the other way would also be a mistake. Another felt that the choice was not what he wanted and did not know what to do to straighten out where we are as a nation. One thought he may just sit out and not vote at all but he felt that may not be right either. Since I originally wrote this ten days ago people are more forensic then ever that the New President, from either party comes the claim, will be the cure all for this nations shortcomings.

There is a fallacy in this thinking process. There is no guarantee that an individual elected for office will turn the tide and reconstitute the nation…

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Have you Been Healed/Had devine intervention

Christians I have met frequently believe in Supernatural Healing. Some friends in the Christian community express a believe that the healing ministry was only for the apostolic era as were gifts displayed in the book of Acts. Generally those of the later state God could allow such at any time and therefore it would not be fair to say that healing and acts of the apostles could not happen.

I attend a church where there is not only a belief in the power of Prayer and the move of the Spirit to manifest Healing but there is an expectation of such. I am not intent on debating theology in this article but will address by personal confession circumstance as witness and some thoughts from conversations with numerous people.

Recently I’ve been asked if I could address a time of healing and write about it. I commented I would not know just how to address the seemingly easy question. One could say you either believe in healing or you do not. It seems if you have been healed you could itemize the moment and manifestation of the healing. Deciding I would give this some thought I now try putting it in perspective. It is difficult to think in narrow terms of the one time or moment. Please bear with me. I cannot think of a time I have not had God’s Spirit with me. Those of you who are not believers will say things like luck of the draw, chance, or fate but will choose not to credit God. I will not only credit God but will go to the extreme when I conclude. I note additionally in childhood my brothers and I were packed off to church on Sundays. We attended a Congregational Church and there had been numerous preachers in the family from my mother’s side. My father was a private person and life had taught him to keep things personal close. My mother never left you wondering what she thought as she would tell you. I think my character drifted more towards my mothers side.

Having attend church and Sunday school I may have come to Christ in my youth but as an adult I made a conscious, intentional and very public profession of Faith at age twenty-six.  I had been a believer since I can remember. Even in grade school I was raised in a time when the Bible was read in class and even in our newly constructed Jr. High School the Ten Commandments were posted on the wall at the entry. Many times I stood reading those words and wondering at the God that declared them. This back ground is pertinent as my belief was grounded in the fact that Christ was real and the doubt many have was not present. Only the many unanswered questions I contemplated which is another post.

My thought:    What would one consider healing? What is the moment that God moved in your life? My thought goes much broader as you will see. At what point in my life has God not moved would be a more appropriate question. I will recap moments which have had a significant impact on me over the years. In doing I trying to guesstimate the age accurately when they occurred.

  • At age twelve my mother and family friend with her children visited the Strike Dam. Having a picnic, including a tour of the dam’s interior. After coming our of the interior mother and friend were taking pictures of us kids. I sat up on a railing above the spill way and the turbines which were stirring the water at an extreme rate. As the picture was take my mother and friend turned away and the other kids did also. I was coming off the safety rail in a black and yellow zone which was intended to warn of danger. I should not have been on the rail and as I went to get off I lost my balance and began to fall backwards toward the water. To this day at age 69 I still have a mental picture of the moment and do not know how my little hands gripped the rail and pulled me upright so I could come off the rail. I just know one moment I was going to fall and the next I was safely down. All others we oblivious of what just happened.
  • At age sixteen I had my own car and frequently drove all over with out hesitation. I had been to the mountains in an area of Pine Idaho. I had my brother and a friend with me and we were heading to Mountain Home Idaho. The highway was under construction. The new road bed was being built and was closed to traffic. The old highway was next to it and we had been watching the process for weeks. It was growing dark when we headed down the mountain and it was completely dark when we got to the section with the new road bed. It had a large road closed sign blocking entrance but we decided to try the new road out as it was nice and smooth being finish graded so we were going to be cool and drive it.  I was racing down the road at sixty and seventy miles an hour and suddenly had a thought I must stop. Neither passenger could understand why I was making a panic-stop and neither could I. It was in my spirit, the inner voice, that I had to stop now. Just as we came to a halt my headlights fell on a cutout in the road for a culvert placement. It was several feet across and several feet deep. The ensuing wreck had it occurred would have been horrific and deadly.
  • At age seventeen  I worked on a Ranch on the Idaho Nevada border area called the Riddle Ranch. It was adjacent to an Indian Reservation. Being a bunch of single young ranch hands you can imagine that mischief was not far away. One night several of us decided to take my vehicle to Mountain City Nevada and see if we could get an Indian to buy us a bottle of whisky. (I was driving my parents 1959 Chevy Suburban with seating for eight) Arriving in Mountain City we found an Indian who said he would by us a bottle, we gave him the money and of course he ditched us and took the money. We were returning to the Riddle Ranch and I was driving at my usual pace which was always fast. On a straight stretch of road I was running about one hundred and five mph when for one tenth of a second or less I saw a speck of white and locked up my brakes. I had six guys yelling at me wanting to know why I was stopping and what was wrong with me.  I stopped  about five feet from one of five Black Angus cows bedded down on the road. One of them had looked at my headlights for a split second and that was what I saw. Again, we were spared from a horrific accident
  • Again at seventeen  I and some friends were out cruising the night. We were traveling a rural road that intersects Highway Thirty south of Mountain Home. The road also was aligned with a railroad crossing. As we proceeded down the road we could look at the right and see a vehicles head lights going down highway thirty. I had a reputation for being an extremely fast and capable driver and the challenge came up to beat the car to the intersect and I could take the rail crossing. The race was on and I was going a very high rate of speed. Again that voice in my spirit, that inner voice told me to stop. I stood on the brakes and the passengers again started yelling what are you doing you have him beat!  I could not ignore the voice and came to a stop at the stop sign and waited for the coming car to pass. It took a minute and when it passed I kicked my headlights on bright and started across the road. My blood ran cold a moment later as a string of black coal cars were parked across the rail crossing and it was unusable. We would have had a high-speed impact with those cars.
  • I won’t even go into the eighteen month tour in DaNang Vietnam which cost my best friend and 59,478 others their life. I came home and was untouched by injury.
  • At age twenty hauling a load of cattle over Donner Summit and had just started down the Nevada side when I was passed by a suburban with about eight or ten people in it. Coming off the summit I reached a point where I could pick up a couple of gears. I looked in my mirror to check traffic and when I looked back to the road in front of me I see the suburban was in the lane in front of me at a near stop with all occupants looking over the road side at the view. In a split second I thought to leave the road over the edge which was sure death, I glance in the mirror as I simultaneously pulled the air horn with one hand, standing on the brake and pulling myself out of the seat with the other. A car passing me realized the danger and floor boarded his car lurching past me and another starting to pass me stood on his brake and I squeezed between. The suburban literally disappeared beneath my large Kenworth hood as I missed by mere inches. This would have been a very bad wreck.
  • At age twenty-two I was going up a mountain road in winter ice and snow conditions when I began going down hill backwards in a forward gear. I knew if I went over the hill backwards I would roll the truck. I got out on the fuel tank and was standing there with one hand reaching in the cab to hold the steering wheel and debating to jump. I wondered if I did could I survive the temperature, could I survive the jump, could I survive a roll over in a loaded semi? I got back into the cab, sat down and did the best I could to control the truck. I felt that I should pull the trailer brake which was against ever instinct I had but I did anyway. The trailer wheels dug into the frozen gravel on the off-road side just as you go over the edge and stopped the truck. I sat for hours in freezing windy conditions until some one came along at daylight that could call for help at the next city. I had heat and protection the whole time.
  • At age twenty-five I had a logging truck and was hauling a load out in the winter from a logging road. As I started down the mountain it was raining real hard and the road and hill-side turned to mud. My loaded trailer went sideways on the hill side and tried to pass me. I was going down hill facing upcoming switchback turns and had to accelerate to keep my load from passing me. I do not know how but I got straightened out and around the turns and down the mountain but I did in seconds.
  • At age twenty-six I was flying an airplane, a Grumman Tiger and at the time was selling them. I had flown to Mountain Home the previous night and was making a daylight departure on a cold frosty morning. As I sat at the end of the runway I friend that ran the local FBO came on the radio and said hey Mark I hear that Tiger is a real performer why don’t you give us something to watch this morning. Non pilots will probably not see the significance of this but those who have flown will. Some will have names for me like stupid, lucky or other epithets we wont imagine. I radioed that I will see what I can do. With that said I made a decision to execute a maneuver I had never done before. I have always been very good with anything mechanical and always had a good feel for how things operated and great confidence. I did a full RPM static Mag check twice at the end of the runway “literally” and rolled the trim tab all of the way forward to help keep the plane from flying out of ground effect. As I checked and cleared the pattern area I did a max run up with brakes on and then released. Flying the full length of the run way I pulled the yolk into my chest and proceeded to do a hammer-head stall at the end of the runway. Coming back down I proceeded to the other end in ground effect again and did the same maneuver but instead of doing the hammer head I rolled out flat in a standard departure. What is the point, in retrospect this is a very dangerous maneuver which went off flawlessly and could easily been in the local news headlines as the death of a local pilot when he stalled on departure.
  • Most recently I made what could have been a fatal error.I love to ride motorcycles. I quit ridding when I had a family do no convenient time to purchase another bike. My last had been a 650 which I loved to ride. Some months ago I had been through a heart attack. When I was in the hospital (only two days) I thought if I am ever going do some of these things I want like riding a bike again I had better do it as one of these days I could wake up dead or unable. Long story short I bought a 1200 cc high performance Victory Octane. I knew I needed to be careful to get my safe riding habits back and at this point have ridden  nearly three thousand miles on the bike. About three weeks ago and several hundred miles back I made an error. I was on a high way and decided to turn around and take a different route. I also decided to make a rolling u-turn rather that a full stop and proceed after clearing traffic. Not a good decision. I cleared the traffic in the on coming lane and looked in my mirror to clear the rear. Simultaneously I hit some loose gravel which got my full attention diverted and thinking I had a clear lane I began my u-turn. As I did this I immediately heard the screech of brakes in a panic stop and turning my head left seeing an approaching white SUV. I understand how inertia and forces work on a vehicle. I know when a fast-moving vehicle locks its brakes the nose of the vehicle dives down. I know when you turn left the right side dives down and the left rises. As I turned my head I also locked my brakes stopping in half the length of my bike. What I watched happen is not possible. I looked at the vehicle approaching with the right side of he vehicle was so high in the air I could see all of the right tire, the suspension and the axle and even the axle across to the other side which was elevated about half as much. This while I sat with not one bit of fear and watched as this SUV was suddenly in the other lane and pulling off the road around the front of me to park. What I just described is beyond physical possibility. The vehicle was a deputy sheriff and his first words were Your Guardian Angle is working today. Yes, He was. I don’t make rolling U-turns anymore.

One more story which is about the hospital, my cardiologist and our conversation. For information he is a new cardiologist to me. I want to recap this story as it is major in what I want to say.

I had this last heart attack on October 1st, a bit over ten months ago. I also had one eight years prior to that. In the first instance I was admitted from the emergency room when I stopped in because I did not feel right. It resulted in a three-day visit to the hospital and addition to my life style of a cardiologist and blood pressure medication. This was through St. Luke’s Hospital.

In the time between the two I signed up for my Veterans benefits at the V A Hospital which I had never exercised. Needless to say when I had my second incident I had called the VA emergency and described a heart rate I could not get down and was told to come in. The result was a picture of every thing internal and test of every kind. As all of this culminated I requested all of my records in one location and one doctor which resulted in my receiving a new Cardiologist at the VA, Our conversation will recap the results.

The doctor sat me down explaining I had a heart that could not be repaired with surgery. Additionally I have an aortic aneurysm starting two inches from my heart which runs full length to the point the aorta splits and goes down my legs. The aneurysm goes down both legs to its end. The primary artery coming out the top of my heart has been at some time 100% blocked and collapsed and my body made a new pathway for blood flow on its own. The aneurysm for all practical thought is not repairable and if it were to rupture I have a few seconds to live. I was asked about pain from the hear attack and said I never had pain. The doctor said when did you tear your aorta and I said I have no idea. He said you have to know when you had that kind of pain. I said no, never had any.

The doctor retorted that people who have a heart attack say the pain was so bad they thought they were going to die. People that tear their aorta say they had so much pain they pray they are going to die and I have to know when this happened. I said no I have never had any pain period.

I then told the doctor that he had told me two very important things. First. except for a drug regimen there is nothing he can do for me and second that it is by the Grace of God alone that I was talking with him. I know that if I look at everything the doctor says I should not even be here “if”, my condition is all you look at. I am however and am better now then I’ve been for some time.

The point, I want to come to is “When Has God Not Been With Me”? As long as I can remember I have had things happen that protected me and kept me going. I have long been aware God never falters it is only we the fallen mankind that gets lost and rejects any fault in themselves. God gave me over to conception, he breathed life into me and he has sustained me for 69 years. I have been unworthy and at times unmindful of He, His Truth and His gif of Salvation. With out that gift I would be condemned and judged.

How many times has God sustained you and kept you in your times of need, moments of sorrow and how many times has he kept you from death and destruction that you never even knew was there? We can choose to deny, we can even be given over to our own choices. None the less, you are not without a spiritual reality beyond what you see and feel.

Christ I thank You for your Saving Grace, Renewal and the gift of “Awarness of the Holy Spirit of God”.

Born on the Fourth.

July 20, 2016




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The Responsibility of Self

I listened the last couple of days as people call in to talk shows like Breitbart and Hannity asking for advice on voting. One man did not want to vote one way and questioned whether a vote the other way would also be a mistake. Another felt that the choice was not what he wanted and did not know what to do to straighten out where we are as a nation. One thought he may just sit out and not vote at all but he felt that may not be right either. Since I originally wrote this ten days ago people are more forensic then ever that the New President, from either party comes the claim, will be the cure all for this nations shortcomings.

There is a fallacy in this thinking process. There is no guarantee that an individual elected for office will turn the tide and reconstitute the nation or its ideals. You can only take the best possible choice and go from that point. Any President can be a disappointment or catalyst for greatness. That person can set an agenda and guide a policy. They can unite the divided in both action and thought and they, having a certain authority can cause dissension. They can be a catalyst for moral and ethical foundation and as well can disregard the same in failure of character. The entire body of government must work and for effective change the people themselves must engage and hold accountable all who serve in public capacity. This requires personal investment of time and effort.

No nation is any better then the people within or what they allow. We Americans have the freedom of choice to elect, to drive a certain ideal in representative government or to abstain from our own responsibility. This also is a character issue. Our nation started with a firm foundation of Moral Ethics. Even then we recognized the continued failure of men to adhere to these moral principles. Our fore fathers tried to both recognize and warn of this peril. They crafted the only document of its kind in the history of nations. They established the first time those governed had basic intrinsic values and immutable Liberties that were from their Creator God. In this they both recognized God and submitted to him knowing men had a defect of moral character failure. They knew that men with power would try to rule over their assumed subordinates. Thus the governed  would have to be ready to stand on the greater precepts of our Liberties which the Founders proceeded to cast in the form of our Constitution. This was done with great debate, care and study of mans history of governance. It came from long fought conviction and reliance on the Greater Law given in the Christian Bible. At one time the text book for learning was a Bible and the foundation of a mans character was his word and moral conviction in living. Denial of this by those with subversive intent will not change the fact.

When asked Ben Franklin stated that we had been given a “Republic” if we could keep it. That “If” was a harbinger if you will of our responsibility of self governance. It was our purpose to set an example of the growth of people in their understanding of what they had and its constant attention by moral and ethical people. It was intended to be of the attitude of servitude not lordship of government. We, having the ability to select individuals of good character and keep them close as resident States Delegates that they could best represent the needs of the local population. The Founders intentionally made no plans for a massive Federal Bureaucratic process to ride roughshod over the people. The thought was that men having reaped the benefit of this nation would desire to serve for a time in the capacity of government as a manner of giving back and building a better society. A fear of this was that men would also learn to vote in their best personal interest and use the system for power, self aggrandizement and the perpetuation of personal wealth. I fear the latter has gained a massive foothold in our nation. Not only has this fear been realized in this day but we now have a people who elect to vote themselves Free Service and Money from those who willingly corrupt government. One enables the other.

The idea that you can go vote, put in a man and then set back enjoying all of the benefit and have no more input for two or four years is absurdly naïve. At the worst it is calloused laziness and at best a willful ignorance. We need to be engaged in the affairs through communication. We need to demand that those elected be accountable. Accountable in both the formation of law and in the personal conduct of said law as well the proper servitude to the people who have entrusted them with responsible and honest governance. The failure of these in government and the appointed members of bureaucratic duties is a reflection of a failure of the people to live up to their responsibility.

We as a society and those representatives are so busy pointing blame and demanding a person or law to solve every ailment of our amoral and sick society that we fail to look first at self. We do not ask what can I do, instead, when will “the committee of they” do something. We have rejected the foundation which was of the Christian God with a foundation for personal conduct and traded it for a government of feelings and rapidly changing social allowances with out consideration for moral impudence and the resulting breakdown of the fabric of our society.

I Pray we soon take the burden of personal responsibility as a self attested matter of Character and ask what we can do to involve ourselves in the solutions. That we set aside the temptation to fractionalize and fight each other as if we do not share the same consequence of destruction. I pray those with a proper Christian Heart begin to seek their source of guidance in Spirit and ask what they can do to lift the spirit of their nation and form a more exceptional society. We have endured over two hundred years of growth and improvement as many with in and with out tried to destroy the foundations of this nation. We are now allowing that destruction from within through indifference and ignorance. I personally pray God allow us a change of heart and let His character be our countenance and our character as we address this evil assault on our home and our very nation. He in his Grace has allowed us in our repentance to call for Him to act in our interest for a moral society that honors the Good available from a Loving and Forgiving God. He also gives us the right of refusal. What do You and Yours stand for and who do you blame?

July 18, 2016 / Updated July 28, 2016

Born On The Fourth


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