Our National Attitude


President Trump and the 4th of July is a reflection of our national attitude it seems. I am somewhat perplexed as I look at the comments on Facebook about the President’s desire to have a great celebration on the Fourth of July. He and I are similar in age I being 72 today as it is my Birthday as well.


I was in High School when the US first engaged in Vietnam. I remember well the hate that was fomented at the Universities across the country. I recall the unrest in foreign Universities as well. I am not going to try and justify or excoriate this involvement here. I am going to express some personal observation. This war was used to accentuate anything the left could find to denigrate the United States. The Marxist and less recognized satanic faction in America reared its ugly head to destroy any vestige possible of the Christian Heritage of this Country. The Decades from Vietnam to the election have a common thread with today. I will have to be brief due length but I hope to tie them together.


The war was horrific in many ways and I cannot but imagine the thoughts of my mother and father when I told them I had decided to enlist and get my own perspective first hand. They being, from the WW11 era and having seen the rise of Hitler and having lost relatives and having brothers locked in Nazi Prison of War camps were at the least uneasy of my decision. None the less, I enlisted, became a Petty Officer due to my extensive knowledge of my field of expertise and went to Vietnam. I watched the riots while in the country, I watched them after return and discharge from active duty and I watched the heart of America in apparent defeat and demise during the Carter years. We questioned every faction motive, the values and the very soul of this nation. The division was all over the place and the call for the socialist was, as today, to abolish Capitalism, condemn our so-called colonialism and hate our founding. Much turf was gained from the opposition in this era. At the time I told my friends and family, we need someone to uplift America and remind us and the world of our good qualities. To bring into remembrance those things which we have overcome in our constant dedication to our Christian values. We needed to be reminded of the fact that France is still France, Germany still Germany, Brittan still Brittan and England still England and yes, Japan is still Japan. We did not try to put up the American flag and demand their allegiance though I think we all know the world would be much different had the US remained noncommittal in WW11.


Soon the emergence of Ronald Reagan uplifted the Spirit of America and basically did those things I mentioned above. The country had a revival of spirit and the people had a renewal of heart. Right or wrong, we progressed after the war. However, the fact is the enemy has never stopped attacking and is more pronounced now than ever, more assured than ever. Who am I calling the enemy (?), Men in America not just some foreign land. The Socialist, the Marxist, those seeking a Godless society and expressing the need for men to rise in their evolution and replace God. These Marxist, Socialist, Luciferians, Satanist who call the truth a lie and the lie truth, who deny absolute morality in a creator and call for individual moral adjustment according to individual feelings of each. This enemy claims no foundational moral truth and total mayhem which they will be glad to manage with their own definition of justice. The few will manage the many in a common good for all. This is the depravity of Satan himself exonerated in the values of a fallen world. I find it disturbing that many don’t seem to realize this is the antithesis of our founding. The nation was established on a principle that we have irrevocable freedoms granted in our nature by God and bluebloods, kings and an elite class cannot remove them and govern by birthright or iron fists. The people are established with power over the governing class and the right to remove them and seek fair and just government. We have the right of defense and Liberty (a gift of God) which is recorded in the only document of its kind, the Constitution of the United States of America. We have the Bill of Rights and the proper manner of adjudication of our laws spelled out to protect all who are citizens. How have we come to discard that which is so profoundly different and better than any that is in history?

Now, the current administration is our favorite point of criticism. Once again, against all momentum of the President who is against the effort of destruction of our foundations? Yes, he is flawed; thank God so are you and I.

Recent previous administrations called the “New World Order” man’s only hope. Previous administrations challenged with National and individual autonomy called for other nations to submit to a greater calling of unity in the United Nations. These are of a one World Order mindset. This is a foundation for a world controlled by few and a system of two classes of citizens. This is the destruction of the individual autonomy and nation-states with borders referred to by this POTUS. The enemies previously mentioned hate this direction and its freedoms. The Luciferians/Satanist hates this direction because they like a socialistic Godless society. They seek a Godless society as history has shown. Evil thrives there as we have seen in the recent history of the Third Reich.  (I personally make a case that this is Biblical.) Now, the intervention of prayer, uplifting of the Christian Heritage, applause of our God and his influence over this people and his blessings in our life and country are not shamed and we are not making a world apology for our values or our history but lifting them up. Why are you so offended by this?

I have seen it said that Trump has hijacked the 4th of July. He is questionable in Christian values as he applauds our country, legislation has been offered that he may never do this July 4th celebration again.


The drive to destroy our founding and the underpinnings I have mentioned are not going away. They will not reduce and cease their attack. If anything they increase and intensify. This nation of America is a stalwart force against their intentions. We stand for values they deny. This is not to say we have not done wrong but rather that is used against us has a hammer failing to recognize that which is just and correct. We have a foundation in the God-given rights of the God of the Bible that is unique in history and one of a kind. The world wants to crucify this ideal again. It is not compatible with the goal of world domination. America has never tried to achieve world domination. Not as a policy I will say for those who look at the error of a few and their policy. This again is the reason the current administration is hated. They are a correction back to previous standards and reduced government. They call for national autonomy seeking other nations to have the same and to encourage their people to achieve higher values of their society and their governments.


I cannot prevent the long term plans for the world but while we are here, a remnant with a different standard than the world we can call for unity and support of those moral values placed in our charge by our creator mentioned in our Constitution. We have an obligation, not just a casual observation of those values and their support. Every time you stand for or against something you are making a choice. The manual for that choice and its foundation is the Christian Bible. There are absolutes that have a consequence for the individual, the nation, and the world. When you are given choices you support by your related action good or evil. You support death or life, freedom or slavery, oppression or liberty, each is acted upon in your choice. You further the demise of this nation and people or you return it to a greater value. You cannot be neutral. There really is a right or wrong, evil or good, love or hate. There really is a great deception the enemy wants to apply to the world and we really are in a war for our existence both in the spiritual sense and the natural sense. Love is not a wholesale acceptance of the other person’s individuality and their actions removed from values! We can love people (have a genuine concern for their wellbeing) and still stand against their actions and values. That which is destructive and abhorrent to life is not to be permitted in the name of love. Abortion, for example, is the destruction of the most innocent life known in the safest place it could reside, the womb so you can love the individual and hate the action they take. You can stand against the person in value and ideals without hating the individual. We need to recognize the application of right and wrong and not confuse it with being tolerant of all things. We should not be tolerant of all things but have a loving discernment overall.


Please consider with caution what you support and where it leads. The nation of Germany allowed the persecution of the Jew with willful ignorance of what was happening. American people turned a blind eye to the atrocity and sent refugees that came to America back to their death refusing them at the port of entry. Today we have a worldwide acceptance of Muslim slave trade and say little against it as men and women are sold on open markets. Today we have human trafficking in the sex trade and forced servitude at a level never known before. The world population is being moved en masse by design and as a weapon to manipulate society.  Today the most persecuted religious faction in the world is Christianity yet our own government on a wide-scale basis refused entry and assistance to the persecuted Christians in Africa and the Middle east as they were starved, beheaded, burned alive, enslaved removed from their homes and properties and left to die. You make choice each day without reservation and often it is with no thought and little or no truth in it. Get serious about what you stand for. Start at home and start today not tomorrow. Tomorrow is a myth and yesterday is dead. The only thing you have is today and the only value you have is the one you act on in the moment of decision. Look at it, measure it, hold it to the standard which is the spoken word of God and watch where it falls. It affects the world in which you live in varying increments to the whole and you will never act without consequence. In short, I and you need to come to the realization it is not all about you.

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