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via Order your copy of ‘Stealth Invasion’

There are not many authors who are willing to embrace the realities of what we are facing in the western Christian culture with blunt truth. This is not the case here. For me, this should be in the headlines, fifty years ago or even forty years ago it would have been daily news. I started talking about the shift in our media and government and the merging of those entities in the late sixties. Many scoffed and jeered at what I said. I even titled an article I wrote as “The Rape of Lady Liberty.” People got more upset at the title than the content. Rape is a very personal attack using force and having no regard for the victim. Thus my title as this is the case for the left and socialist takeover of America. It is foundational and tears at every foundation of our founding. It is anti-God and holds the government as god.

Please, if you find your hair on your neck bristling at this then open your mind and read the book on the link. Look at the changed values of your political entities who supposedly represent you. Ask yourself the values you have, those you see, and those you want to support. Even, ask which values you want to be passed to your children and grandchildren, then ask what your course of action is to promote them?

I have no intention to remain silent. you can only support that which you will not speak at because your silence becomes compliance. Evil can only rule when the good refuse to address it. Quit thinking the easy way out is to say nothing. It is the absolute path to defeat. The world stood silent and allowed the WW11 holocaust of the Jew, we are standing silent today at the slaughter of Christians worldwide. The Western Conservative (so-called) is walking hand and hand with the very entities which move against them. We give them our money, our votes, our entertainment dollars, and support sometimes in total ignorance. We condemn those who are fighting the good fight and often times are even at odds with God because we do not take the time to read his word and learn his nature. Quit being a fool and become the go-to person in your circle at church and work and socially who actually knows what is happening. If nothing else, you will have the knowledge you are not the problem, not the darkness but the light in an ever-increasing desperate and lost world.

God Bless.



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