Thoughts over Morning Coffee

coffee mugI have been scrolling through the many posts on Facebook this morning and want to expound a bit.There is an overwhelming amount of focus on the threats, disasters, coming destruction, war, natural disaster and great injustice and an exhortation of hate in the feed. This is common as we are in a fallen world and the future is on a downward spiral which has a coming culmination. However, there is another side that one must consider.
When agents and bank employees and the like are taught to discover the counterfeit monetary bill they do not study at length the counterfeit in all of its nuances. They instead study the real article until they know it so well it becomes automatic to identify the (corruption) counterfeit.
The world is submitted to the corruption, the counterfeit, as it is fallen to Sin and that means simply that it is separated from the creator of life, God. So then it is in the process of perishing. This is a picture of death, to rot and eventually total decay. There is death and life is not forthcoming in it. This is the process which is mentioned in my first paragraph. A graphic display of death and destruction on parade in its wretchedness. This is, I would like to say, a counterfeit destiny of the creation, a creation which God has not failed. There is life and hope which is more important. I will get there in a moment.
I have numerous friends, whom I love and respect for their heart and concern for the condition we face. Many send me the update on the decay, the disaster and it’s forthcoming so to speak. I do not disparage the awareness or the need of it. I do however pose a question (?) for all to consider the focus of which they give the most attention towards. As there are death and destruction there is also life and hope. This as the counterfeit leave us with similar option. Do you learn the counterfeit and all of its nuance or do you learn the real article? The real deal is the perfect original. It has not and will not be corrupted. It is the standard against which all other pictures of life are held against to determine their authenticity. Study this first and know it so well that no one person or no one thing can deter you from the real destiny (plan) of the creator (God) for that which is His creation.
God has sent us the definition and perfection of his perfect plan for the creation. This creation had a slight corruption, but He, The God, had the perfect solution. The original, by which we measure all other standards against. That is the sent one, the anointed one, His Son, that was sent to pay the price in full for the sin so all of the mankind could have salvation, His Son Jesus Christ. In that God, through Him, the Christ, sent us the Word of God, Christ, and the government of the church, Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, and Evangelist, that we might come to Know the Original. To know him so intimately, so completely, personally and deeply even so as a man would know his wife intimately. (as sexually) There is a plan for perfect completion, of a personal relationship with God the Father that is undeniable, unpreventable and perfect unto eternity. This plan, the original, the perfect will of the Father is the one with which we should be most familiar. Then, in our Knowing, we will not have any doubt, any discouragement, any sorrow, nor any identity failure with the counterfeit, but Only Joy and Hope eternal in the Christ, the wellspring of living water that Brings life and Life more abundant. Cast the counterfeit aside and embrace the real deal, the Christ Jesus.
Please review not my word but The Word.
John 3:16; John 10:9; John 14:16; Acts: 4-12; 2Cor: 5-17
There is much more that could be said here but then that is what the ministry given you in Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, and Evangalest are for. Do not seperate yourself from them lest the wolves of deception devoure you.
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