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NFL Commissioner Wants us to be more understanding; I reply

There is a popular theme running across

    our nation which is very destructive.


NFL Commissioner Comments

I choose to comment on this subject as it is not decreasing but increasing. I state this theme as destructive and at the very core, I believe it is the type of illness that can destroy our society and our foundations. The picture is from a post on Facebook in August of 2017 and the message posted was that the commissioner wanted us, the viewing audience to be more understanding of the players in the NFL. I might suggest that the more understanding needs to come from the players, the commission, the owners and the promoters of the game we call Professional Football. You sir, you gentlemen, you athletes are running a capital enterprise which draws on the public for its financial success. We then are your customers. Customers have a volunteer status and come out of a desire to watch your perform your athletic skills in competition. Your character is on display like it or not. This is foundational to any business down to the lowly little local service provider in small town USA. If we, the entrepeneur displays poor judgement, unsatisfactory skill, debased character or any number of undesirable actions in the dealing with our customer base we lose their business. The result is reduced revenue and even financial failure. You have the same result facing you and if that is not true then we are greater fools than I would want to confess.

I do not want to short change this article by being short or failure to be concise. I will try my best to consider our possible difference of view-point and your time.

You seem unwilling to share the same value with me. You have chosen to slap me in the face. You see, as a Vietnam Veteran, one who I might add was a military volunteer, not drafted, I recall very well the sixties and seventies. I recall the raised index fingers, the F Bombs from the young ladies, even the school teacher from my old highschool who sought to read me a right act and tell me If He had a son he would haul him to Canada as a dissenter rather than have him serve as I was and be a part of what I did.

May  I attempt to put that in perspective? I was raised with a belief that our Founding Documents, the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights were values worth defending, and upholding. There is much history with great sacrifice attached which touches many families over multiple generations. You have the freedom of expression and movement, of endeavor of choice and wealth accumulation, the right of marriage and child-bearing and all of these things have been denied those who have died for your right. They all represented our country whether in the American revolution, the Civil War, World War One or World war Two or more recently Korean, Vietnam, and current Gulf Wars and more all which were, costly, always destructive and devastating to life, limb, and property. The are not always just and certainly have there have been moral lapses. In any case, men, women, children and cities and nations suffered. Wives cried, went into poverty, children went wayward due loss of parents, destruction reined and lives forever changed. yet, out of this mayhem also came heroic love, respect, life, Liberty, Faith, Bonds of great strength and resolution which cause greater improvements and life.

I don’t spit on those who gave and I do not denigrate this country which had and still has Great aspirations to uplift and improve itself and its citizens with a Christian value. You may not approve of that value but it raised your level and standard of life. It has taken corrective action in the direction of eliminating slavery, women’s suffrage has raised all women to a new standard of respect and living with tremendous freedoms. Men go freely from town and state without being detained and establish themselves in their chosen course with out force or confinement as long as they obey laws and respect their fellow citizens. We still have the right of disagreement without coercion but this is in danger of loss.

My aunts and uncles, friends and cousins. and total strangers joined only by the ideal of a consitutional Republic died, bled, sacrificed and suffered loss for my right to post this article and your right of speech and dissent.

Just a few I may mention, my father’s cousin sits in his tomb, the USS Arizona which was in Pearl Harbor, my Uncle Stan Whitney was a prisoner of war in Germany. He marched on two death marches, carried his side gunner mate on his back until two broken legs healed and watch the atrocity of the Jewish prisoners being put in showers and gassed to death, burned in the ovens, piled in mass graves and tourchered in prison camp. He saw furniture made of Human Hide, Lamp shades of the same, and your could count every rib and bone in his body when he was freed from prison camp. My father in-laws, from a split family due to divorce both served heroically in the Second World War. One whom I talked with was still having dreams from the war in his eighties and nineties, My own best friend from child hood came home in a casket as God allowed me to come home upright in an airliner. The loss to his family was devastating and affected some family members for years. It still affects me in the sorrow of his loss.

Was all of this tragedy right, moral, perfect and satisfying to all, of course not. But in every case, the survivors, for the most part, got up, put on their big boy pants and went to work to make their live and country a better place.

We now have a cancer invading this country where every dissatisfaction is game for public display and riot or destruction. Ever past reality that is distasteful deserves destruction and debasement by the discontent. Respect is cast aside for individual pride and arrogance with no regard for history. Destruction is the course rather than construction and foundational growth.

When I stand for the National Anthem for America or Salute the Flag, when I sing the Anthem it is with Honor, with revere for those who gave so much and endured that I may stand and have the Freedom and Liberty much of the world does not have. I am not shot or imprisoned for my beliefs, my spoken words or printed thoughts. However, I am not blind to the fact that this can happen and history has proven time and time again.

When you NFL players, and supportive staff sit, kneel, raise a fist and show disrespect for all of those who served and serve now you slap me in the face. You spit on me and insult me again. you denigrate all of the wives children and soldiers of the past who gave you the freedom and liberty to be on that field. to have your chance and to emulate your selves and be prideful. Neither of wich I might add is attractive.

I will not pay for your disrespect. nor will I spend my time to view your antics or hear your rants. That is not why I watch a “Game” of athletic skill. So, to the commissioner I say I am an understanding person. I have respect, and I pay for the things with my time and money that I find of value. You are robbing me of the value by your standard of not respecting those who gave you freedom to have place in your endeavor. I think it is You that needs to change and learn to be understanding.

Of course, as a Christian, a Veteran, and an American I respect your right to disregard my opinion. You economic choice is after all your choice.

Have a Nice Day.








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