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“Do You Know”


Soon will come for the eyes of all to behold,

A Cloud rolling across the heavens east to west,

Jesus proclaimed his return just as his departure,

Nothing will stop him, his presence none may withhold.


From the beginning time, the Lords Day is foretold,

Yet to untruth some with outright malice do hold,

With the truth evident to them, they still deny,

God’s word from time beginning,  foretold, how it will unfold,

Even God’s signs visible in the heavens as we looked to the sky!


Confusion is in the chatter, anger and fear may give rise,

With great doubt, many do shout.

They express disbelief,

In the failure of man, they seek someone to give relief.

Yet those aware with lamp trimmed and ready,

Find in theWord His comfort firm and steady.


Their door already stands opened as the Grooms footsteps 

Are heard falling they now draw near,

We who are in waiting feel the Joy untold, the moment is about to unfold!


While judgment on the deniers will fall,

The Bride with Groom will attend Wedding Feast abundant,

Celebration has come to all who said Yes, Yes when they heard The Call.

They turned from the fall and received the Grace given once for all. 

Rejoice and be glad the signs in the Sky,

Gods hand by His Grace lifts all on High!

Praise and thanksgiving be to his Glory,

We will continue as his greatest creation story.

Thoughts over my morning coffee 

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Mark A. Edgar   Author

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