The Responsibility of Self

I listened the last couple of days as people call in to talk shows like Breitbart and Hannity asking for advice on voting. One man did not want to vote one way and questioned whether a vote the other way would also be a mistake. Another felt that the choice was not what he wanted and did not know what to do to straighten out where we are as a nation. One thought he may just sit out and not vote at all but he felt that may not be right either. Since I originally wrote this ten days ago people are more forensic then ever that the New President, from either party comes the claim, will be the cure all for this nations shortcomings.

There is a fallacy in this thinking process. There is no guarantee that an individual elected for office will turn the tide and reconstitute the nation or its ideals. You can only take the best possible choice and go from that point. Any President can be a disappointment or catalyst for greatness. That person can set an agenda and guide a policy. They can unite the divided in both action and thought and they, having a certain authority can cause dissension. They can be a catalyst for moral and ethical foundation and as well can disregard the same in failure of character. The entire body of government must work and for effective change the people themselves must engage and hold accountable all who serve in public capacity. This requires personal investment of time and effort.

No nation is any better then the people within or what they allow. We Americans have the freedom of choice to elect, to drive a certain ideal in representative government or to abstain from our own responsibility. This also is a character issue. Our nation started with a firm foundation of Moral Ethics. Even then we recognized the continued failure of men to adhere to these moral principles. Our fore fathers tried to both recognize and warn of this peril. They crafted the only document of its kind in the history of nations. They established the first time those governed had basic intrinsic values and immutable Liberties that were from their Creator God. In this they both recognized God and submitted to him knowing men had a defect of moral character failure. They knew that men with power would try to rule over their assumed subordinates. Thus the governed  would have to be ready to stand on the greater precepts of our Liberties which the Founders proceeded to cast in the form of our Constitution. This was done with great debate, care and study of mans history of governance. It came from long fought conviction and reliance on the Greater Law given in the Christian Bible. At one time the text book for learning was a Bible and the foundation of a mans character was his word and moral conviction in living. Denial of this by those with subversive intent will not change the fact.

When asked Ben Franklin stated that we had been given a “Republic” if we could keep it. That “If” was a harbinger if you will of our responsibility of self governance. It was our purpose to set an example of the growth of people in their understanding of what they had and its constant attention by moral and ethical people. It was intended to be of the attitude of servitude not lordship of government. We, having the ability to select individuals of good character and keep them close as resident States Delegates that they could best represent the needs of the local population. The Founders intentionally made no plans for a massive Federal Bureaucratic process to ride roughshod over the people. The thought was that men having reaped the benefit of this nation would desire to serve for a time in the capacity of government as a manner of giving back and building a better society. A fear of this was that men would also learn to vote in their best personal interest and use the system for power, self aggrandizement and the perpetuation of personal wealth. I fear the latter has gained a massive foothold in our nation. Not only has this fear been realized in this day but we now have a people who elect to vote themselves Free Service and Money from those who willingly corrupt government. One enables the other.

The idea that you can go vote, put in a man and then set back enjoying all of the benefit and have no more input for two or four years is absurdly naïve. At the worst it is calloused laziness and at best a willful ignorance. We need to be engaged in the affairs through communication. We need to demand that those elected be accountable. Accountable in both the formation of law and in the personal conduct of said law as well the proper servitude to the people who have entrusted them with responsible and honest governance. The failure of these in government and the appointed members of bureaucratic duties is a reflection of a failure of the people to live up to their responsibility.

We as a society and those representatives are so busy pointing blame and demanding a person or law to solve every ailment of our amoral and sick society that we fail to look first at self. We do not ask what can I do, instead, when will “the committee of they” do something. We have rejected the foundation which was of the Christian God with a foundation for personal conduct and traded it for a government of feelings and rapidly changing social allowances with out consideration for moral impudence and the resulting breakdown of the fabric of our society.

I Pray we soon take the burden of personal responsibility as a self attested matter of Character and ask what we can do to involve ourselves in the solutions. That we set aside the temptation to fractionalize and fight each other as if we do not share the same consequence of destruction. I pray those with a proper Christian Heart begin to seek their source of guidance in Spirit and ask what they can do to lift the spirit of their nation and form a more exceptional society. We have endured over two hundred years of growth and improvement as many with in and with out tried to destroy the foundations of this nation. We are now allowing that destruction from within through indifference and ignorance. I personally pray God allow us a change of heart and let His character be our countenance and our character as we address this evil assault on our home and our very nation. He in his Grace has allowed us in our repentance to call for Him to act in our interest for a moral society that honors the Good available from a Loving and Forgiving God. He also gives us the right of refusal. What do You and Yours stand for and who do you blame?

July 18, 2016 / Updated July 28, 2016

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