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Open Letter to Republican Representatives

Open Letter to Republican Representatives.

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Open Letter to Republican Representatives

Dear Republican Congressional Members,

I address with an open letter as I have great concern for the destiny of this United States of America. It is amazing to me what I have witnessed in a short few decades. It is quite disconcerting.

We as young men had relatives that had fought in WWll and Korea. My uncle bailed out of a B-17 and landing in a German prisoner of war camp he became a POW for two years. He was on two death marches, he witnessed as Jews were sent to the gas chambers and cremated.  I used to have lunch and coffee breaks with my uncle and other of his friends which had served. One of them was a German who had assisted the Allied Forces undercover, another was a fighter Ace. A second Uncle had served in Korea and would occasionally be present as I spent some time with he and the others.

Graduating high school in 1965 the Vietnam War stared us all in the face. I decided all the campus unrest and civil disobedience about the war was something I could not really evaluate if I did not better understand the conflict. In short, and not necessarily pleasant for my parents, I volunteered to join the Navy Seabee’s to go see for myself what was going on. I held no hatred for the enemy nor did I have any question of the moral morass created in the history of what I call the isim’s, Leninism, Marxism, Imperialism, Fascism, Communism and their related pseudo support of the common man or the middle class. I and many others looked at the expansion of the Communist ideals as a threat. Though it was not on the evening news we in country soon knew we were fighting the Chinese in Vietnam. The American soldier had the ability to win, the will to win and the machinery to win. Sadly we did not have the political resolve to let our troops obtain a victory. It seems this format has become an American Standard since the end of World War ll. We don’t pray for guidance and ideals but seek profit and approval.

There are so many who died for an ideal, a thought that we were uplifting people to a better standard and a freedom. The thought, a precept that we have God-given rights and freedoms worth sharing with other parts of the world; this was something we of my generation grew up with. I lost my best friend do a land mine as he sacrificed to save another. He was a medic, something he planned to do as long as I remember. Preforming my duties required driving by the Da Nang air field frequently seeing the hundreds of caskets which were staged and loaded on air transports. By God’s Grace I came home seated on a Brannif Airlines jet.

On that jet I rode all the way to Seattle Washington sitting beside an Air Force Officer that had taken a flight of Fighter Pilots to Vietnam. He was the only one that was returning, the rest were killed in action. He wept several times as we talked on the way back to the world. He was in some ways a broken man and I have often thought of him. Having served eighteen months in country in Seattle I kissed the earth and was so thankful that God had allowed me to be born in the United States of America.

I take time-sharing these things only for added emphasis. Emphasis because today as I write this I am feeling things like anger, resentment, doubt, distrust, and disappointment, as a great vacancy resides in my heart where the pride and respect for our country used to live. Though in part it remains, doubt and disbelief in the character of the caretakers of our society and our government is overwhelming. For the first time, I find moments of shame as I observe the condition in the order of our house. These United States have a government that has lost its way. We have a people who have neglected their inherent duties of educated and informed self-governance; additionally elected representatives take lightly or ignore their sworn oath to the Constitution. Foundational documents like the Constitution are referred to as old and outdated, living and changing. The Bill of Rights or the Federalist Papers are the wealth of wisdom and knowledge captured to form a more perfect and acceptable governing body and many simply disregard them. The Constitution was a Declaration of Independence from an oppressive government.

Any person of reasonable intelligence and observational acumen knows that we are in trouble. Any one that has understanding knows the critical importance of a properly laid foundation. Our Founders understood this and took the utmost care in review of the forms of government that history offered. They choose a Republic, with intent they followed a moral establishment of the God of the Bible we refer to as a Christian Bible. The Founders choose to hold in high esteem the individual and our God-given Liberty and Freedom. The intention that government should be subservient to the people who would put Faith in God not men seemed prevalent. When you alter or destroy a foundation then the edifice that rest upon it is altered or destroyed. Those who have been entrusted to protect the integrity of our foundations are the elected representatives that create, tax law, and establish the institutions of government and funding for their continued function. Their integrity and moral constraint with character is most important in our freedom.

It is ludicrous to witness a feckless Congress which acts helpless in the face of a Judicial and Executive branch of government. It is in this vein that I have lost trust in the Republican and the Democratic Parties as Both are complicit in the demise of our Constitution. I have for years voted for the most conservative candidates that were offered. Sometimes they lost for being too conservative. I still have tried and most of the time this meant supporting the Republican Party. Now, I watch Republican and Democrats in joint denigration of conservatives. The Republicans voice plans to change or improve on programs that should be repealed and show fear of real conservative proponents. It is unsupportable. Both recklessly promote rapid growth of Federal government and encroach on Constitutional Freedoms.

Just minor highlights of current circumstances are revelatory; Russia has reemerged and has no hesitation in its intent to assert itself and ignore the desires of the U.S., Iran continues building its nuclear facility, terrorist control Iraq and it is worse now than when President Bush first took us to war there, the Benghazi cover up is still unanswered, Israel has been insulted and rebuffed by our President in a way that exceeds any since their re-establishment in 1948. The border crisis in our own country is an outright lawless rebellion of our governing agencies in refusal to enforce the law. There is little doubt this movement is taking place without complicit federal assistance. The IRS scandal (ever-expanding), the use of the EPA and the refusal to employ American workers with fossil fuel markets and the refusal to control a runaway debt are all daily exhibitions of a system operating out of control. We are at a point where lawlessness is the norm and those trying to demand compliance are labeled the extremist. Morality is in a free fall as amoral men and women make law and policy which ignores all of our history with malice.

I am a War Veteran, a gun owner, a Bible believing American, a supporter of and one that took serious the oath to defend the Constitution of the United States. According to some members of the Senate, House and the Executive office as well some in the DOJ I am a terrorist and a threat to the nation. This is a one-eighty from the America of the fifties. We are a nation that appears suicidal each time the news comes on. When evil men are in the majority evil men rule; when Moral men are in the majority then the moral men will rule. We are obsessed with infanticide and rejection of Christian values and common sense are daily activity. We let those in the two percentile consume the moral agenda and attach funding and media adornment to the amoral without hesitation. We as a Nation sit and watch with little more than lip service as Christians are put into slavery by the tens of thousands in the Middle East, they are killed tortured and imprisoned. Our boarders are being invaded by numbers in the thousands as we watch a federal government which seems to aid and empower those coming illegally with intent to craft the circumstance to their political advantage.

What I want to know is do any Honorable men still exist in government that will stand for the good of the Nation. Are there still moral leaders that are not ashamed to invoke the name of the Christian God which was foundational? (Yes there are a few but they are held by the leadership as extreme and attacked for doing what they promised their constituency they would when elected.) Will any remain as statesmen and call this nation to prayer and seek wisdom and guidance from God and not their own flawed intellect? Shall any call for honesty, virtue, character and servitude in this body of Representatives? Will anyone tell the American people the truth and ask them to recall their heritage or impress it on those who do not know its true character?

If we must depend only on the obvious self-serving corruption we call leadership at the area of Washington D. C. we are lost.

The individual States must stand to the task and solution must come from the people and the private sector. The exponential growth of the FED is exact opposite of what is needed to save our American Republic. Government cannot produce it can only take from the production of others.

As progressives construct the new format (“The Fundamental Change”) we resemble the Soviet Central Planning I grew up watching. They made pitiful errors of Soviet Central Planning, putting great effort to look successful; the Soviet people were the ones that paid the price. We all know they were not successful at all. The planned utopia of the Marxist or Leninist ideals becomes the Godless society of lost and hopeless people. There are no examples of great socialist and Godless society. The people’s utopia is never achieved but rather the demise of societies as  individuality is crushed.

This country has done much to uplift the world society at tremendous loss of life and a huge investment of resource. We may not have done things right all the time but we are not the heartless thoughtless capitalist thugs the likes of Obama reference. We are not the consummate robber barons and we have not attempted to conquer the world or subjugate the people. The Progressive ideals have not propelled this country in a more virtuous or ethical direction. We have more debt, corruption, hopelessness, more dependency and lack of individual opportunity then ever in our history. The federal government has become antithetical on the progress of the people.

Where are the Statesmen that will stand and defend the good we have done? Where is the defense of the moral values that built a nation and defended a world against the amoral attacks of the likes of Fascism, Marxism, Leninism, and Communism?

We witness the attack on the liberty and freedom of the American people at multiple levels and from within the system of governance. If our elected officials cannot defend the conservative ideals and seek a moral and decent society in a nation of laws then what is the hope of we the people? I hope you will tell the so-called Republican Leadership that they attack the very representatives we the people want to succeed. Our leaders have become the problem not the solution. What was Your Oath of Office?


Mark A. Edgar

June 29, 2015

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