A Need for Notice

I have watched the change in this society since I came home from Vietnam in 1969. I watched the “Do It if it Feels Good” and the Peace at all Cost. I have been cussed for being in Vietnam and had the girls flip me off for being in uniform. I watched as Jimmy Carter showed his antisemitism and told America that it had to cut back. The riots on the campuses and the drift toward disdain for all forms of traditional values.

It was a relief to see Ronald Reagan come into the political scene and uplift America and the values of the Founders-having a genuine respect for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the Christian Heritage of America. There’s much I would like to say but will be short and focused an my message.

From those times on the sixties to now there has been a huge shift. I told several people when I first came home that I came home to a different America than I left. I sensed a change that I could only explain to friends as a spiritual change. The heart seemed different, the matters of value and matters of character seemed to change.

Fast forward to the last half a dozen years and it is a storm of change. Catch phrases like”Fundamentally Change America” and “We are Not a Christian Nation” and there are many more phrases that I won’t list at this writing. Lets just look at these two; To fundamentally change has synonyms like “radically”, “centrally” and “essentially” change. It relates to the changing the Foundation or base or in another tone, to change the very nature. To build any edifice such as the System of Beliefs which founded the United States of America took a tremendous amount of thought, effort, and even the sacrifice of life for ideals not common in the world of governance. Many believe that it was inspired by the Spirit of God. It gave rise to our Greatness as history and writings of many astute moral and ethical men have pointed out. I MUST ASK, Why so drastically change something that has produced the greatest Liberty that men have known? You cannot destroy the foundation with out destroying that which has been built upon it. Do you really want to see that happen? 

The next thing that bothers me Greatly is the statement from the Bully Pulpit of the President of the United States that this is not a Christian Nation. To say that is to deny our Heritage. Then to embellish another religion as paramount in the formation of our country is an absolute deception. I am personally offended and have been for quite some time. I wonder at times are the moral Christian people really that few or are they just not allowed notice in the popular media. Or, are they rally so rapture minded and end times minded that they don’t think there is any reason to be involved and active in change. Might I remind them, you and I, we are the light and the salt and we are expected to stand firm in the word. We should represent a higher standard and hold the moral ground. So why are we so silent? A silent majority is like a surrendering force having absolutely no impact of consequence. Worse, it is voluntary defeat. 

I have watched as the Bible has been removed from the public forum where ever possible, the crosses have been removed, the Ten Commandments removed, and every day some one attacks moral values. When we sit and do nothing the attack just intensifies. So, it has been on my heart that possible the Christian community could do something that is visually capable of making a statement. If you are a Christian, a believer in the God of Abraham. Issac and Jacob,the one that sent his One and Only Son to pay the price for the sin of mankind then I think it is time to make a statement and be counted. I have taken the time to make a Cross in my shop the last twenty four hours and I have attached it to my house. It is large enough that it is noticeable from the street, It is two foot tall and one foot wide and three inches in breadth.

I would like to start a National movement to have moral Christian people attach a Cross to their house that is large enough to be noticed. To make a statement that cannot be denied as millions of home identify themselves. I believe there are more good moral and sound people in America than we are getting credit for. Will You be Counted, Will You help me make this statement? It is not for me, Do it for the Lord and for your nation,”One Nation Under God”.

Thank You

Mark A. Edgar


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