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Why is there any Suprise?

Today I went to have lunch brunch and spend some time with some associates at my favorite restaurant. There was a local paper with the front page article that was all about the turnaround of events in Iraq.

It was filled with discussion that the Administration was caught flat footed and was surprised by the turnaround in Iraq. It’s as if they could not believe this action by ISIS, it was not expected.

The single most surprising thing to me is that there would be any surprise on the part of our leadership. There is absolutely no surprise on my part. I seriously doubt if any Veteran of Vietnam, Veterans of Iraq or any incursion since is surprised.. More likely, they have been expectant and waiting for this to happen.

When the Commander-in-Chief (so-called) goes on a world-wide tour of apology, when he rejects the Christian values of this nation and he adversely affects the allies of the US in the middle east with obvious intent to change course and damage credibility what can one expect to happen?

We have broadcast to the enemies of America around the world that we are not willing to fight their efforts. We have abdicated our ideals and surrendered their value as wrong and destructive. We have stated on an international front that we have taken a footing of appeasement to win friendship with those sworn to our demise. How is it that you make friends by laying down your arms to those who have sworn to kill you? One only need look at current cases of American citizens condemned to death and in prison for the crime of being Christian to realize we gain nothing with this platform of acceptance and friendship. We are in a religious war. It is a nice idealism one holds to think all will embrace you but there are realities that wont tolerate your ignorance.

For years we’ve had a religious/government faction that is labeled “Extreme Islam” and many other names; which has stated time and time again it will bring about total destruction of the United States and Israel. They have publicly on a world stage declared war on us. They have captured hostages, taken embassy’s, blown up warships, taken air planes, attacked the civilian population, just to remind you of a few things. I don’t have to repost all the history, any thinking American knows to which I refer. Even as I write this ISIS is announcing that they have kidnapped three teenagers from Israel. One of these are reportedly American.

We have a neutered congress that has not stood up against the course the Executive branch puts us on. We have a President that is now being taunted by the Russian’s as Putin allows two strategic bombers to threaten our cost. One near Alaska and one-off the Coast of California. The world sees a vacuum forming where American leadership used to stand firm.

I am just one little common man and I have seen this coming and prayed that our Senate and House would become a counter balance to the radical reversal of this government. Sadly it has not happened at this point. I believe there is an effort in place but I am fearful that most Americans are not yet concerned about the extreme danger we are in as a Nation. We the American people get tired of the political types pointing the finger at each other yet we do the same. We are the ones that elected them, that keeps them in office, and are too busy to vote, write letters, take part in local government and take the time to become informed. Our foundations, our freedoms, our very safety is threatened and we the people are the ones that have to respond.

I wish I could go to bed tonight and think I am just a radical conspiracy wacko but I cannot. We are seeing the stage set in a way that is more dangerous than any time in the last fifty years. We have a President that is actually doing more to enable our enemy then to shackle them.

I talked with a thirty-eight year old man a few days ago. We were discussing current events in the US. With out trying to relate the conversation I will comment on how it ended. His statement was that he was only thirty-eight years old. He had not lived through the things I had, He was not around for Vietnam. knew little about WWII and did not even understand how I thought. Sadly, the last seven words or too poignant as they are very accurate. I truly do fear for the well-being of America. This is after all why I take the time to write.

We can and shall overcome, but it cannot be in ignorance.

God Bless,

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