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Change and the New America

As the President of the United States makes inroads towards his new transformed America I can’t help but wonder if you are more secure, your vision more clear and your previously abated enthusiasm for American Exceptionalism now revived. It is amazing each day as I read the news, listen to the radio and  follow actions of congress and realize that your “New Transformed America”, the “Yes We Can”, we will have “Change” group must be overjoyed.

We have managed to destroy relations built with alleys over the last sixty-six years in just six years’ time. Many of us grew up with the Cold War, watched it won and then watched as fools talked about peace dividends and what to do with the money that would no longer have to be spent on defense. We watched as political correctness and diversity and equality in outcome has chipped away all the support for previous moral and ethical standards. The respect of freedom, liberty and common courtesy seems dissolved and success in business which would bring a profit is considered amoral.

As of today’s news the old fears of the cold war are no longer yesterday’s headlines, rather they are todays front page.

We believed there was strength in the individual, that faith in God and the trust in our Lord to guide and encourage us would bring us to a victory in the long run and good won over evil. There was no lack of support for those that truly needed support and as failure was identified in the areas of charity we corrected and strived to uplift those in need. It was not perfect but we represented the most generous people in the world. Every state has parks, hospitals, education facilities, scholarships, public access training, shelter and improvement programs that are funded totally by donation and gifts by successful men and women in our past and present. There have been entire universities and medical research centers built on the dependence of donations and countless lives extended and improved. We died by the thousands in wars aiding our allies and as we conquered nations we helped them rebuild and allowed them to keep their culture and expand their freedoms

Now as I look at the expressed goals of our government and examine exaggerations of American societal failures it is almost as if I fell through the rabbit hole of Alice in Wonderland and peer through the looking-glass. Now we have an administration that has gone on a world apology tour and strives to denigrate our actions in every manner possible. We were once a proud purveyor of foundational “Christian Values” and believed that even those with a different religious belief had the right of their practice and we did not stop or persecute them for their belief. Now we have an administration that has told the world from a political bully pulpit that we are no longer a Christian nation and the arm of the law in the name of political correctness and racism uses the courts and federal leverage to silence the Christian value and traditional family. We are told we cannot have our belief as it offends others and the fact that they may offend us has no consideration.

The military men are told they cannot pray or display their spiritual values and scriptures as it will offend other cultures and beliefs at the same time that they are forced to allow and protect the beliefs of culture foreign to ours. The soldiers are disallowed the wearing of the flag, the use of their Bible or tattoos which are a visible offense yet a soldier that is considered transgender can dress in what he or she considers gender appropriate, they can have a sex change at the expense of government conduct themselves in whatever manner they consider appropriate while the Christian with strong family value is told to be silent about his or her beliefs. We fund perverse conduct at the expense of federal tax budget while the retirement of veterans and benefits to aid those who paid the supreme price for national defense are cut. We have witchcraft allowed and taught as religion in the military but don’t try to abound in your Christian culture. I do deny not the right of others to live as they will but I do deny the right of the government to force acceptance and to punish those of us with a different mindset.

School children are made to honor and learn the Koran but told to leave their Bible at home. They can participate in Rainbow Celebration, read about the new family and learn to accept all manner of sexual participation as normal and healthy but cannot be told about traditional family values in the public arena without offending someone. To get along make sure none try to rise due his personal efforts as his or her success is offensive to those with lesser opportunities. How is it that students with access to the same school, same books and same instructors are then taught that they do not have the same opportunity? I had friends and associates that out preformed me at all levels and it did not diminish me in any way nor did I hold it against them that they excelled.

We have led the world in provision of food, outreach for development and are the first and often the only with aid and reconstruction when disaster strikes and we are told that we have been selfish, self-serving and destructive to all the third world and any who are impoverished in America. When I look at places like Hattie and see children trying to get enough food to survive another day I can’t help but wonder if we should be ashamed to claim the impoverished poor in America?

Our President, when elected had a wife that said she had “Never” been proud of America, but now she was for the first time.

As I peer through the looking-glass and marvel at the incompetence of all sworn to uphold the Constitution; as I look at the wholesale rejection of values and watch truth held as a lie and a lie held as the truth I can say for the first time in my life, I am becoming ashamed of what is happening in America.

A Heritage of Liberty, Justice, Prudence, Freedom and God based values are being totally trashed and there is a need for each to understand our duty of stewardship towards that foundation which was given us. This is the first nation in History to allow God Given Rights that are inalienable and given by our maker and cannot be taken by mere man. Men are not born with privilege and the elite do not have the right to dominate over others do their status or their position by writ of a group or individuals who hold themselves better than them. We do have an obligation to a unique standard in political governance and we are being terribly neglectful as a society, as a nation and as a believer in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

I hope you are enjoying your “Hope and Change” you’re new radically “Transformed America” and all of its wonderful equality and benevolent government moral correction. Surely without grand government intervention we could never become the people we were meant to be. Soon the balance will be struck that man could never reach without the restraint of federal control and eradication of individual achievement and excellence. These foolish ideals of God, Freedom, Liberty, Excellence, Individuality, Faith and Independence with absolute right of revolution have not had any evidence of achievement in the last couple of centuries; we were barbaric and destructive. I hope you like the new reality, Hail Hope and Change.

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