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Will Christian America Respond to Our Faltered Direction

I  am a gun owner, a veteran of Viet Nam, a Christian by profession of belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior,  (Jesus Christ  being the one who paid the full price of my sin by coming to this earth as a man, being the crucified lamb of God who redeemed me and brought me to  renewed  relationship with God).  I also took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States upon entering the military. I attended  the first ever Tea Party rally and parade held in Boise Idaho due concern for our country. With these things said; according to some members of the Senate and our sitting President I have become a threat to my nation.

I am sorry, it seems to me that there is something very wrong with this pictureProclamations from varying government officials in different venues, having varied tones and times over the last few years will not going to get quoted here. If you are so naïve you don’t know what I am talking about then you probably won’t get what I am saying anyway. We have significant threat within our boarders. An attack by enemy forces from the outside is not as great a threat as the failed responsibilities from within. Further we are in a moral crisis as our leadership is leaning over backwards to enslave the people via debt and dependency.

In recent months I have listened as members of the DNC and members of the media address hatred as the foundation of the “Tea Party” followers. “Racist and hateful  people that draw together do that common bond” said one. Tea Party members do not want to help with a hand up and only cater to the rich. According to some we hate Blacks, hate President Obama because he is Black, one report said, we hate blacks, and browns. Further saying; we want to “Force” our morality on everyone else. Also it seems we hate women not allowing them  the freedom of health or choice over their own bodies. Ultimately it appears we hate everything including the health of the earth, all due our single self-serving lust for wealth and power. If this has not been extreme enough now the Republican leadership has joined the bashing of those radical conservative Tea Party members as well.

As I watch and listen to media reports and then consider  government forced sale of insurance, absorption of the insurance industry in the name of Health Care it is cause to wonder does any honesty exist in the view disseminated  through current popular media. If there is I wonder, does any  rational thinking remain in our people? Distortion and outright false representation has become the order of business in America by the President, Senators, Business leaders seeking Washington favor, and any number of bureaucracy elite.

If any member of a multi state private business, a national corporation chair or COE had done what this President or many House and Senate representatives have by intentionally  misleading the consumer, our entire nation and the same sworn leaders would demand Congressional investigation. The proper industry regulators and attorneys from damaged citizens would clamor for their minute of fame on television as they made charges. Some one would be nailed to the proverbial cross. Headlines would scream foul and  News anchors would analyze to exhaustion the lack of moral and ethical standards from free market capitalist. New laws to protect the public would be demanded.

What happened to the Oath of Office. Where is the moral man who takes an oath to uphold the constitution as a serious responsibility worthy of honor and dedication demanding the utmost of their character. Obvious it is, that character and morality are severely lacking.

President Obama would have you believe business industry, the medical industry, the free market entrepreneur are all selfish having no concern for their fellow-man. He claims the only way to balance fairness is the use of the superior planning of concerned government. They are the moral authority to balance unjust and unequal outcome,

The liberal thought that it takes a community to raise a child is a false premise. It takes dedicated parents that have a moral and ethical commitment to each other and their family. The liberal thought demands equitable dispersion of wealth having common outcome of effort so all may be equal. The government wants then to be the arbiter of that equality.

The fact is that the person with great faith, sacrifice, and even failure is the reason that this country grew to greatness. Individuals having belief in God, their internal strength, their rights and freedoms which allowed expression of dreams and self assigned goals grew this nation and the character of its people.

The governments ever-increasing bureaucracy and the crony capitalist which have attached themselves to the regulatory process have become a crippling cancer on this society. As any cancer, it will kill the host if not  eradicated. In this case the host is the American people.

Our people have thus far failed to rise to the call of its own freedom in a responsible way. That call I reference  is to keep up a moral and just leadership that they may have the greatest freedoms of self expression and faith the world has to offer. Our founders believed in the individual. They believed in the God that created that individual. What do you believe in. What are you doing to stand for things of value. What is the long-term hope you have for your children and grandchildren. Do you have a moral value? Do you have a spine to stand on your belief and value in the front of aggressive well-funded opposition which seeks to destroy your foundations? Are you trying to make a difference where ever way your circle of influence allows? You and I, we are the people on whom our founders placed their trust.

I must ask are you an uniformed, self-absorbed, lethargic part of the problem? Obviously I would not know, however, the person you meet each day in the mirror does. I do not fear the values of good moral people with ethical standards! I do not fear those that wish to destroy as they have not the ability to take away what my Lord has already purchased for me individually. Corporately, if we ignore the destruction of Liberty and Freedom much can and certainly will be taken away!

Where do you stand, on whom do you place your faith and what will you do with your individual personal responsibility? You will see the result of your decisions and you will know what part you had it their making.

I will ask you if you have moral conscience to become bold and outspoken in a respectful but certain way. Stand and uphold the foundations of your fathers and fore fathers. You have responsibility of stewardship and a moral compass is necessary to keep our ship of state from the rocks of immoral destruction.

What is your comment, what will you do, when will you start?

God Bless,


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