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Thoughts Of Our American Condition / We Share Responsability


A brief waltz in time?


Long Ago, a Great realization was upon those in the land for they had been blessed with abundance beyond imagination. The thick forest, mineral, water, rich soil and amazing vast land area had been laid before them. Abundance abounded and their leaders sought to bring the people to greater and greater position. Fundamental values and freedoms had been granted from their Creator were recognized and need arose to establish them in governance. Bold freedoms were created and given to the mass across the land. Each could rise to the potential God had given and share with others at will. Ingenuity and eager development was given rise. Some even thought that they could teach other peoples and give rise to an entire world by being a light and an example. Yes there would always be attitude of the down trodden and poor but they would see in example a way to lift themselves from despair. Challenge came to defeat the people many times but the industrious and energetic people aspired to defend and defeat the challenge from beyond their shores.

After generations of plenty it became common place and the multitudes saw them-selves as having abundance by their birth right. Many no longer saw the need to exercise freedoms of ingenuity and hard work or the passing on of their virtue of established principles and moral statutes. Apprenticeship ceased, mentorship declined thus faith and character diminished becoming an afterthought. As humility and Moral responsibility decreased arrogant pride and selfishness increased. Respect for character and property of others began to wane. Many sought to harvest abundantly from the work of previous generations as they did little to replenish by their efforts. No more would the mass preserver and sacrifice, rather the demanding of immediate satisfaction. Security was passed as duty for others to administer lest the leisure of those so blessed be interrupted.

Admiration of application in character and effort of the individual gave way to envy and jealous judgment as many came to judge and admonish those of abundance. Guilt and shame gave rise from the multitude which had inheritance not of their own labor and many began to question why they should have much and they began to shrink from their obligation to teach and share abundance in freedom, personal strength and ingenuity. Critics of shallow character rise finding public praise as pseudo servants in public service give direction. Many became jealous and attacked those with plenty and demanded it be shared with equality and a level field!  This then gave rise to those who expected administrative power for action towards even and equal distribution. They that would administer felt a rise in self-esteem and profound importance as they found new ways to extract from those deemed to have much. It was with great anticipation that the difference was exploited so class could be identified with material possession. Those with much could only act with malicious intent and surely they had taken unjustly from those who had less. Certainly no reward comes with faith and effort. Giving to others without force is not a natural occurrence; men will not do this and find reward in it. We must manage and cause them to share with others is their cry demanding social justice. 

Now those who would balance the land and bring forth equality stand bold and use the resource they have captured from the mass of free people who toiled in the land. They show their arrogance in application of their social justice and few come to stand and challenge them. Those who have failed to teach also in their lapse of responsibility failed to learn. That which has not been held up in honor and appreciation has now fallen below the shadows of ignorance, shame and self-deprecation. Appreciation of the giver of the gifts has abated and few even know who he was, and fewer yet even ask. The masses stand and wait for one to show them how to rise once again being productive, abundant are the claimed leaders but none step forward showing the way. The usurpers hold the reigns and they gallop through the land demanding all to follow making claim only they fairly represent equality. Few recognize that good and evil were never equal and the day of conflict and responsible resistance never abates. God was the Great giver and his Moral Law the great divider but alas the usurper has diminished truth and the lazy accept the fruits of the industrious. The industrious weaken under the assault and diminish in number. Always the battle rages and those who bask in the sun with self-indulgence and fail the task of constant remembrance and teaching soon fall, alas, again that which is lost now must be re-learned as few know the way….

I wonder, is it possible we have a problem of great magnitude and little willingness to recognize it.

Written By  

Mark A. Edgar

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