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the way the mind works, at least for me is the constant process of pictures running through my mind to give definition of things that attract my interest. I find expressing it is rewarding and occasionally difficult, the mind conceives the picture in its full expression.  The words like the camera lens trying to explain all the eye sees, sometimes falls short of all expressed.  It is no wonder that the great novels often have many words in them. The author is constantly trying to paint a picture for the reader that they may have similar reflection of the authors thought. Capturing this ability is an art form, to exercise it at the very least is an effort requiring consideration of the audience. To capture the audience and give them an expanding knowledge of the mind of the author is accomplished in the expressed book of the word of God. When we seek to acquire knowledge of  the author, the person of God, we meet the revelation picture presented before us for all of time. We have an ever-growing understanding each time we traverse the landscape of the words that roll through our heart.

I am involved with a fellowship of a few men that attempt to better know and understand the word.  We bring our pre-conceived ideology, that of our parents, our church upbringing, our friends, education or what ever influence affects our believe about the Bible, the word of God; then we bring that believe to the word for discernment. This has been a great process and something I look forward to each week. We also bring outside authors into the mix that have credible and well founded belief of the Christian Bible and review their works for discussion that we may better examin our own belief.

In recent reading of John MacArthur’s book ; “The Battle For The Beginning”  I was preparing for discussion, as I read again the referance to Genesis I had this poetic thought come to mind (posted below). As stated above, the conceptual picture in the mind is far greater than the ability to express in a few words. I find in the Bible that God has told us things like all of creation declares his Glory, that Jesus said if he was silent that even the rocks would cry out with the truth. I say the very personality of God is in the heavens and the earth and all the creation. I thought kn God is every color of the prism, all energy of life, every desired aspect of his hearts conception being expressed with all the elements of which we are aware or ever will be is poured out unto this thing we refer to as creation.

Every talent, ever good thought or expression we can have is only a muted reflection of what he is. I am “Blessed” being a part of that creation!  I would ask as I write this, being ever aware of my diminished  and decaying state, that God’s Spirit is ever-increasing in me. May my understanding of what God’s Spirit expresses expand producing greater and greater revelation as I become filled with him. I am of his design, painted on his masterpiece as it were.  In the following little poetic piece, I give myself in some small way to the God of Creation and honor him. I am but the dust of the earth but God chose me and allowed me spirit, life, free right of expression and the ability to paint with his chosen instrument, the word.

How amazing, that I a form of the elements, could be given a spirit, a soul, the breath of life with ability of creation and expression. If it does not humble you to realize what you are and with whom you have been given the right of fellowship then it is sorrowful that you are empty as the dark void. I hope always that you will let your being be filled, it is a choice.


                                                             Artist: God                                   Subject: Creation

With his perfect pallet at hand for the greatest canvas of all, the artist pondered time and matter beginning. He was perfect light, every color present; the essence of life is his being. He pondered with his fellowship while viewing darkness present.

Darkness absent all color and having no life in it, even the cauldron of element was without form. Neither was any life-giving light, nor cause for the dead cold to draw warm. Love was absent in the void, nothing of the artist was yet employed.

The expression of the fellowship, the being of God, artist and author of all prepared to brush the canvas with the word, to cast the essence of his character upon the void.

In that first instant of time the darkness was shattered, ever more destined to submit.

Form with intent came upon the cold empty void. Design and purpose cause element to yield, the character of God’s conception poured out fully revealed. The very heavens exploded with the light of his glory, every color of the prism being present in his character, all yield to his command thus forming the elements. Adding in a Mix of life abundant with all creation, He cast his glory through the heavens for all of time.

In his garden was sown his most precious seed, for fellowship man was placed above all, even designed was regeneration to heal man’s fall. For any who hear his call and draw near, revelation and understanding begins to unfold clear. The word is living and we consume it for spiritual sustenance.

We soon will be in Gods glory for eternity, his work finished, never again to be blemished.

Stretched anew will be the canvas of eternity and in Gods light and glory we will ever journey…

Mark A. Edgar

The Battle for the Beginning

Chapter six, Creation

May you have a Great Day and God Bless.

Thanks for your indulgence in my thoughts.


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