What is “an Extreme and Radical step”

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), chair of the Democratic National Committee, said Thursday that for states to enact constitutional amendments that say human life begins at conception is “an extreme and radical step.”

“For the vast majority of Americans, including people on both sides of the abortion issue, this is an extreme and radical step,” she said.

Speaking to reporters on a conference call, Wasserman Schultz said that so-called personhood amendments are a “divisive, dangerous, and destructive” attack on women

The above is quite disturbing. The wording causes me pause for reflection on current American values and morality. The word “extreme” simply means far beyond what is normal, reasonable or moderate in the effort or activity being applied. The word “radical” would imply the changing of the most basic nature or characteristic of features of something from the root. Rep. Wasserman Schultz’s comment applies to the changing or, attempted change of law to explicitly identify the beginning of Human Life  Yes, we need to promote and encourage an “extreme and radical step”, a step which impedes the “Extreme and Radical Step” of destroying life through the act of abortion.

How can point of conception of life be in question to any reasonable, logical, intelligent person with normal powers of observation and the simplest of rational feeling and intuition? Lets create a picture of the process that has been before us as long as we have been around.

A man and woman decide to have a child. With out description of the process lets just come to the point where the effort of reproduction has succeeded. The have tried for a period of time and the desire for a child has been high. The woman believes she has conceived and goes to confirm with a family doctor. He informs her that she has conceived and is going to have a baby. The elated woman calls her husband and tells him that she is a couple of weeks pregnant and they are going to have a baby. Both are excited. there is no discussion of whether or not this  a reproduction of a human being. There is no thought that it is a blob which has not yet become a baby, it “is” something to protect and look forward to. The responsible couple is concerned with environment and diet and all manner of things that could affect the health of their soon come baby boy or girl. Joy is the tone and the future is a family..

Another case, an unwanted pregnancy from a single woman or a couple in distress, the baby is not wanted and one wishes it was not so. The idea is suggested that this may not be a child yet and if we abort we do not have to deal with it. I am sorry, there is no amount of rational reasoning that will change the fact that a human being is in the womb and it is complete in the forming, The process has begun, a miracle of life generated from the joining of the sperm and egg is without question. It always produces the same thing, the fruit of the seed which is planted. How can any one say there will be any other result if the gestation is to continue. There may be discomfort, embarrassment, or any number of circumstance involved but the reality of the conception of human life at the time the egg and sperm joined is not one of the variables. There may have been a past time when some could deny when a valid baby was formed,  but even that is muted with modern technology. We can see without a doubt the formation of the baby, its gender and watch its movement and reaction to its environment.

I won’t pretend to know the reason for the offensive position take by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. I will challenge the process of thinking that is irrational and unreasonable. I will challenge that this is not an issue of a womans health. The percentage of abortions preformed for reason of health are minute.

There is no way we can look at this process of abortion and identify anything less than the extermination of a human life. Since 1973 there has been well over fifty-three million births aborted legally. Let’s try to comprehend this; The combined population of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, California and Arizona states is approximately 53,342,624 people. How does one calculate the loss in human creativity, commerce, social interaction not to mention the destruction from a Christian view of the value of life. This is a nauseating figure. Imagine snapping your fingers and having the entire population of these state and all that has been accomplished or produced by that population just disappear.

Now, Tell me Again, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, what is “an Extreme and Radical step”? It would seem to me that the radical step is for these states you mention to cower and fail in introduction of concise definition to their constitutions  with “amendments that say human life begins at conception”.

In truth, the “divisive, dangerous, and destructive” attack on women” comes from those that promote, encourage and engage in the destruction of human life by abortion. I have inserted a link to abort73.com below and I would encourage any that would to spend a few moments and get some facts on abortion. A life may depend on your opinion; What Is It?


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