Communication or Confusion

Having the ability to write, talk, be artistic in diagram or having great facial and emotional expression may be
elements of communication but at best it is difficult to communicate.

This thing called communication has many elements. I have found over the years when we say what we think and see in our minds it is not necessarily received in the similar conceptual context by the recipient. We have different backgrounds, develop various and diverse skills, paint varied mental pictures of what we perceive and have a myriad of environmental adjustments to what word meanings are accurate. This being exacerbated by age, culture, geographic location, parental influence, experiential history and other elements of life.

I have come to believe communication is one of the single most difficult thing s we do on the trek through our life. Being filled  with much bias and we generally assume that the person with whom we are in communication understands where we are coming from and his or her understanding is complete. Sometimes we spend more time in preparation for our rebuttal then we do in an effort to digest and understand that which we receive from another. Over the years I have greatly enjoyed the observation of others and the aspect of interpersonal dialogue. I have found it to present both great satisfaction as  well as occasional frustration.

For years in growing through puberty I heard that you do not discuss Religion or Politics or deep personal situations if you wanted to maintain good relations. It is most unfortunate that by disregarding these things you also dismiss those elements which most affect your life.

Persons having great thoughts of spiritual faith political and social influence, encouragement for uplifting others in spirit or personal value worthy to share have absolutely no value or contribution to the element of the human experience if they keep these thoughts to themselves and do not communicate them. What value is a thought that never leaves the mind that conceived
it. In this world we seem to constantly seek balance and fair equity. Yet, there are constant opposing forces, good and evil, right and wrong, truth and falsehood, belief and disbelief, conservative and liberal and so on. If one is to achieve a workable society then all of the elements are at work all of the time. Maintaining any semblance of balance requires  elemental activity.
For example, evil will never stop trying to destroy so good in silence will fail to uplift and construct in a manner of overcoming. In short, silence in the face of something you oppose is complacent acceptance by default. What good is being opposed to that which you disapprove. In silence you allow it application in your presence with out rebuke. This may not apply in
the element of the mundane or insignificance but in the elements of foundation values and character necessary for successful societal expansion we must not be absent.

I have not necessarily time, intellect or foundation for Blog activity but I also must not sit and dismiss thing I value without
participation. In this vein I will enter into element of communication in the areas afore-mentioned that we tend to avoid. With both feet and some hesitation I have moved into this realm. Some friends of similar and possible conflicting opinion will participate to bring what I hope will be worthwhile dialogue. We will be venturing into the murky waters of the things ever
effecting our lives. Personal interest, religious or spiritual and even political conversation where an attempt at this thing called communication will commence. Hopefully, confusion will find clarity in the process and we can have a respectful dialogue. Some humility is in order as opinion is most often correct in the eye of the individual expressing it. With that thought I will try to consider any opportunity for learning and constructive corrective growth. Conversely, I will attempt to establish with great conviction those values I have established.

Commentary is encouraged however disrespect of others or omission of dignity and respectful communication will not be tolerated. If you cannot express yourself without profanity and guttural expression which is repulsive then please go to those crass sites where it is the norm and avoid comments here.

Lets Have Some Fun!

God Bless,


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